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Architecture isn’t just for buildings – systems can be beautiful too

Recorded: June 24, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Brad Brown
Category: Architecture

We don’t construct buildings any way we feel like – architecture guides design, so buildings are functional, long-lasting, and pleasing.

Businesses and the software that supports businesses have architecture too, though you may not see it. Like a building, a well-architected business, and well-architected software, just works. They last. And they are pleasures to work for or use.

This one-hour webinar is about architecture – what’s it about, how it affects us, and how paying attention to architecture makes businesses more competitive, and better able to harness the forces of change.

We’ll talk about enterprise and solution architecture, how they shape companies and systems, and how they complement each other. We’ll also discuss where architecture blends with design, and how they are different. And we’ll show what it means to architect a “good” solution.

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