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An Overview of DB2 Version 10 New Features

Recorded: November 20, 2012
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Ken Whelan, IBM Certified Technical Instructor
Category: IBM and Mainframe

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Alter tablespace to Universal Table Space (UTS) from simple, segmented or classic partitioned table spaces.
  • Index INCLUDE columns by adding non-key columns in a unique index.
  • (Greater) TIMESTAMP precision control of 0-12 fractions of a second; default is 6.
  • Index INSERT parallelism performs insert operations in parallel on multiple indexes on the same table.
  • Auto statistics (Autonomic Computing) can autonomically collect statistics on tables and indexes.
  • Performance enhancements – capture information for storage in an access path repository, regenerate runtime structures without changing access paths, control when dynamic SQL statements as with static SQL, list prefetch of index leaf pages.
  • Implicit casting.
  • XML enhancements – schema validation as a built-in function, XML date and time data types and functions, XML type in native SQL routines, and partial updates to XML documents.
  • Moving Sum & Moving Average – New OLAP functions support cumulative sums and moving averages by using a window.

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