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An introduction to Data Science for Managers

Recorded: January 22, 2019
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Doug Rose
Category: Data Science

This course gives managers a foundation for leading data-driven projects. It is an introduction to the major concepts of data-driven teams and data specific project challenges. This is not a data analytics or programming course. This is a project management course. The focus of the course will be on managing a data-driven team and gaining insights from your data.The goals for the course are very practical:
• Introduce project managers to data science terms, tools and the team
• Introduce project managers to a data-science lifecycle
• Understand challenges that are specific to data-driven projects

Audience: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Managers, Directors

Course Outline:Introduction to Big Data
• Big Data History
• What is Big Data?
• Big Data Definition
• What Big Data Isn’t
• Big Data ExampleThe Data-Science Lifecycle
• A Typical Data Science Product
• What are Big Data Projects?
• Applying the SDLC to Data Driven Products
• A Data Science Lifecycle (DSLC)

The Data Science Team
• Traditional Project Team Roles
• The Data Science Team Roles
• The Knowledge Explorer
• Analysis Versus Reporting
• Asking Questions
• Learning

Data-Science Team Tools
• Insight Board
• Creating an Insight Board

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