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Administration of WebSphere with Scripting

Recorded: July 20, 2011
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Kevin McGrath, WebSphere expert and author
Category: IBM and Mainframe

With the constant demand to be “more efficient” at administering WebSphere environments the way to accomplish that can be through scripting. By leveraging the powerful capabilities WebSphere provides in the scripting environment administrative tasks can be more repeatable, automated, and encourage consistency between environments.In this webinar Kevin McGrath, WebSphere expert and author of the excellent WebSphere scripting book “WebSphere Application Server Administration using Jython”, will share some of the techniques of leveraging WebSphere scripting to it’s full potential. Besides covering some of the various things that can be configured using scripting the webinar will also show some of the basics of the Jython language which is the future direction of WebSphere scripting and some of the new features that are available for scripting in WebSphere 7.0.

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