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Adding Gamification to your Training Programs for Enhanced Retention and Interaction

Recorded: May 27, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Matthew Smart
Category: Soft Skills for Technology

Social distancing requirements have forced companies to transition rapidly to delivering training courses exclusively in virtual settings or online. This presents a challenge for creating and delivering effective and engaging technical training. Learning gamification can help address this unique challenge.

Learning games and gamification have been popular buzzwords in the training industry for the last few years, but these advanced learning techniques can be mystifying for many, and often oversimplified into rudimentary techniques like badging and offering rewards. In truth, gamification is not new. The military has been using it for centuries; it’s not as simple as awarding points or using leaderboards to motivate learners. Learning gamification has a unique methodology, just like technology frameworks (e.g. Agile, ITIL, and SOA). Learning the gamification framework helps trainers create more meaningful, memorable, and motivating learning experiences.

Join industry-recognized learning gamification expert, Matthew Smart, for an interactive webinar on demystifying learning gamification, and adopting new engagement techniques to enhance learning effectiveness and ROI. Matthew will demystify the concept so you can leave with new techniques and next steps to gamify your technical training programs and IT projects.

Attend this free webinar to learn how to:

  • Apply "Game-Thinking" to existing and new technical training courses
  • Integrate the 12 primary gamification elements to learning
  • Use new tools and turn-key technology platforms to gamify learning
  • Differentiate the difference between gamification and learning games
  • Create a business case for investing in learning gamification

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