Agile Architecture Training and Courseware

WA2469 Introduction to Agile Architecture

This course examines the relationship between the Agile methodology and the practice of Architecture. It is a mixture of lectures and exercises. The lectures provide instruction on the concepts and open up meaningful discussions; the exercises have students work through a case study to help deepen their knowledge. The course begins with defining what the Agile methodology and the practice of Architecture are and continues by looking at their strengths and weakness. An apparent dichotomy exists, and an exploration of industry practices demonstrate possible ways to resolve the conflict. The course ends by looking at how the best of both may be achievable.

TP2470 The Agile Solution Architecture Program

Description This course walks through the steps involved in implementing the Agile Architecture program at the solution architecture level. It starts by looking at the foundation elements required, with discussions on how to link with Agile governance in practical ways to support project work. The focus then moves on to examine what has to be done in architecture to ensure success by recognizing and avoiding common pitfalls. There is a mixture of lectures and exercises providing the necessary tools and knowledge to put the concepts into practice.

TP2690 Architecture for Agile Projects

This course starts with the story of how Agile arose to set the stage for understanding the motivation behind its growing popularity. It then walks through the details of what is affected by doing Agile and who is involved with a focus on the role of the architect. From conception to production and onto retirement, the course provides guidance as to what an architect is required to do at each step to ensure Agile projects are supported by robust and flexible architecture. It is a mixture of lectures and exercises providing opportunities to learn the concepts and How-to apply them in the real world.

TP2691 The Agile Governance Plan

This course takes the next step to improve architecture work for Agile projects. Agile presents unique sets of challenges for managing both requirements and stakeholders, requiring responsive and supporting governance. It is a mixture of lectures and exercises providing opportunities to put into practice industry recommended approaches.

TP2768 Comprehensive Agile Solution Architecture

This course combines “The Agile Solution Architecture Programs” and “The Agile Governance Plan” into an intensive 3-day workshop.

TP2780 Architecture for Agile Projects - Extended

This course combines “Architecture for Agile Projects” and “The Agile Governance Plan” into a comprehensive 4-day workshop.

TP2818 Introduction to Product Thinking for Agile Teams

The advent of agile has helped teams increase delivery speed, increase quality, and increase overall productivity.
When a team transitions from waterfall to agile, it’s very common to still hang on to old ways of thinking.   One of the last hold-outs is typically keeping a “project” mindset, where everything has to be fit into a project structure.  This fits in with the “big planning up front” mentality, which is not agile at all.
While there will always be larger initiatives, it’s important for teams to transition to a “product” mindset, where testing every idea before implementation is part of the culture, and software isn’t just delivered and forgot about.  The value of the software that’s delivered should be measured and customer feedback actively sought, which then becomes feedback for new ideas.