After taking this course, participants will be able to:

Describe Agile and Agile Architecture

Define Agile roles and responsibilities

Work effectively and productively on Agile projects


Introduction to Modern Architecture

Introduction to Real Agile

Agile Teamwork

How to Do Agile Well


This course is designed for those working with Agile seeking to level set the understanding of Agile and Agile architecture to build teams up for success


Familiarity with the Agile manifesto and principles is beneficial


One day



Outline for Getting Started with Agile Architecture Training

Chapter 1. Practical Architecture


  What is Architecture?

  Architecture Programs

  Architecture Roles

  Mission of Architecture

Architecture Techniques

  Architecture Reference Models

  Architecture Maturity Models

  Architecture Visions and Context Models

  Architecture Roadmaps

Architecture Realities

  To Model or Not to Model

  Project Driven Architecture Limitations

  Responsive Architecture


  Who Is the Architect?

  Who Is the Architect? – Results

Practical Architecture – Summary

Chapter 2. Today’s Agile


  What is Agile?

  The Agile Movement

The World of Agile

  Agile Vision

  Agile Manifesto

  The Scope of Agile

Working with Agile

  Agile Criteria

  Agile Benefits

  Agile Principles

  Agile Policies


  Define Agile Principles and Policies

  Define Agile Principles and Policies – Results

Today’s Agile – Summary

Chapter 3. Agile Teams

Agile Team Members

  Agile Methodologies

  Agile Team Roles

  Agile Team Composition Strategies

Agile Processes

  People Do the Work

  Time and Money

  Is It Helping?

  Where Is Everyone?

Agile Leadership

  Shared Decisions

  Soliciting Feedback

  Iterative Improvements

  Tracking and Monitoring

  Celebrate the Good

  Learn from the Bad


  Team Building

  Team Building – Results

Agile Teams – Summary

Chapter 4. Agile Governance

Governance Styles

  Policing vs. Supporting

  Reactive vs. Proactive

Agile Governance

  Event Driven

  Long Runways

  Health Checks

  Goal Oriented

Techniques for Agile Governance

  Product Gateway Management

  Identifying the Shareable and Reusable

  Creativity Boundaries

  Project Coordination

  Grooming the Backlog

  Team Participation


  The 5 Ws and How

  The 5 Ws and How – Results

Agile Governance ~ Summary