After taking this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the criteria and mechanisms of successful Agile

• Work with techniques to diagnose shortcomings with Agile in practice

• Create a corrective action plan to reset and advance Agile at work


• Agile Culture

• Agile Techniques

• Agile Problem Determination

• Agile Problem Resolution


This course is designed for Agile team members, from business to technical, who are seeking to

get better results from the use of the Agile approach

Skill Level



Experienced working with an Agile team is required

Familiarity with the Agile manifesto and principles is assumed


One day

Outline for Agile Architecture Re-Imagined Training

Chapter 1. The Agile Culture


What is Agile?

Agile History – Short Version

Agile Vision

Agile Vision – Visual

Agile Benefits

Agile Manifesto

Agile Criteria

Agile Context

Agile Teams and Processes

Agile Challenge

Agile Architecture Defined

Agile Architecture Techniques


Evaluate Agile Culture

Evaluate Agile Culture – Results

The Agile Culture – Summary

Chapter 2. Agile At Work

Agile Lifecycle

Agile Lifecycle – Visual

Lifecycle Phases

Hope and Reality

Agile Foundation

Agile Architecture Program

Agile Architecture Reference Model

Agile Principles and Policies

Agile Score Card

Agile Architecture Gap Analysis

Agile Architecture Trade-offs and Opportunities


Evaluate the Agile Implementation

Evaluate the Agile Implementation – Results

Agile At Work – Summary

Chapter 3. Agile Realities

Agile Patterns and Anti-patterns

Proven Ways to Succeed with Agile

Proven Ways to Fail with Agile

Anti-patterns Technique

Diagnose Agile Issues

Treatment Strategies for Agile Issues


Agile Goals

Agile Goals – Results

Action Plan Take-away

Action Plan Take-away – Results

Agile Realities ~ Summary