Introduction to MuleSoft Training

The Introduction to MuleSoft Excursion is an orientation-level course designed for those new to MuleSoft. Students will apply MuleSoft’s products (Anypoint Exchange, Design Center, API Manager, Runtime Manager, and Monitoring) to existing APIs. Students will navigate the components of Anypoint Platform and practice using them to support the full life-cycle of APIs and integrations.
Course Details


Define and explain the usage of application networks and API-led connectivity.

Follow an API through its full lifecycle using Anypoint Platform.

Employ Anypoint Design Center and Exchange to practice reusability, self-service.

Distinguish between SOAP and RESTful web services.

Consume APIs using clients, status codes, resources, methods, and responses.

Identify JSON and XML data formats.



The successful student will have strong analytical skills and a desire to learn integration. Some experience in XML and JSON data formats would be helpful but is not required.


One Day

Course Outline
  • Introduction
    • MuleSoft
    • Anypoint Platform
    • The Course Use Case
  • Thinking Like a Muley
    • API-led Connectiviy
    • API Lifecycle
    • Design-first Approach
    • Reusability of APIs
  • Web Services & APIs
    • JSON and XML data formats
    • REST and SOAP
  • Consuming APIs
    • HTTP Client Basics
    • Request and Response
    • APIs and HTTP Status Codes
    • Secured and Unsecured APIs
    • URIs and Query Parameters