Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Be able to use Tableau’s core functionality such as calculations, string manipulation, aggregations and visualizations.
  • Apply a set of Tableau data visualization (crosstabs, bar charts, scatterplots, heat maps, etc.) that maximize the ability to use numbers to tell a story.
  • Match a Data Type to its best visualization attribute.
  • Utilize a process to critique and refine visualizations.


•    Business Analyst (IT and non-IT)
•    Project Leaders/Project Managers
•    Systems Analyst
•    Data Analyst


The structure of the courses assumes no prior experience in statistics or data analytics. 


Two days

Outline for Using Tableau Training

Chapter 1. Quick Start Overview

• Create a simple table and change it to a bar chart
• Create a simple table and change it to a stacked bar chart
• Duplicate and Create a Crosstab
• Save and/or Export

Chapter 2. The Tableau Workbook

• The Workspace
• Shelves and Cards
• Tableau File Types

Chapter 3. Creating a Workbook

• Connecting to EXCEL
• Other Data Sources
• Understanding How to Combine Data Sources
• Data in the Workbook
• Creating Workbook Items
• Create a Hierarchy
• Create a Group
• Create a Set
• Create a Custom Date
• Create Calculated Fields

Chapter 4. Visualizations

• Elements of a Visualization
• Sorting Data in a Visualization
• Filtering Data
• Creating a Simple Filter
• Basic Date Options
• Using Marks
• Visualization Based Calculations

Chapter 5. Working with

• Crosstabs
• Bar Charts
• Histograms
• Line Charts
• Plotting Two Measures as a Line
• Moving Averages, Trend Lines & Reference Lines
• Moving Average
• Trend Line
• Reference Lines and Bands
• Scatterplots
• Create a Lattice Scatterplot
• Drilling into a Lattice Scatterplot
• Label each point
• Creating a Geographic Map (as a heat map)