• Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to build and deploy an IBM FileNet Content Manager solution.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to administer an IBM FileNet Content Manager solution.


This course is for anyone who administers an IBM FileNet Content Manager system or who builds a business solution hosted on the IBM FileNet Content Manager system.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Five days

Outline for IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2 - Implementation and Administration Training

Identify business functions of P8 solutions.
Identify FileNet P8 capabilities.
Identify benefits of using an IBM FileNet Content Manager system.
Build the Object Store
Identify the core components of IBM FileNet Content Manager.
Start and stop system components.
Check system status.
Extend Content Services functionality
Create a Subscription with an Event Action.
Configure a Change Preprocessor.
Create a subscription with an event action.
Update the event action with new code module.
Examine a workflow subscription.
Create a subscription with an event action.
Configure a Change Preprocessor.
Configure Content Navigator
Configure a Content Navigator Desktop.
Configure an external data service.
Securing Content
Resolve logon failure.
Observe security restrictions.
Change direct security of a document.
Change the owner of a document.
Customize document access.
Configure security on a new object store.
Add a group to a supergroup to provide object store access.
Add a group using the Security Script wizard.
Configure default instance security.
Configure property modification access.
Configure security inheritance.
Configure a version state change security policy.
Optimize search performance
Create property indexes.
Create a stored search and a search template.
Configure IBM FileNet Content Manager to work with IBM Content Search Services.
Select a string property for an index partition.
Configure an index partition.
Configure Content Based Retrieval (CBR).
Configure an index area.
Reindex an index area.
Configure CE SQL Option.
Deploy assets using FileNet Deployment Manager
Create source and destination environments.
Use FDM to export solution assets.
Create a deployment package.
Create a source-destination pair.
Convert the deploy dataset.
Analyze the change report.
Deploy data.
Manage Sweep Jobs
Examine the File Storage Areas.
Create a Bulk Move Content Job.
Test the Bulk Move Content Job.
Create a Disposal Policy.
System Maintenance
Create, configure, and assign a content cache area.
Create a search with a bulk action.
Configure auditing for update events.
Delete audit logs using a disposition policy.
Add tracing options.
Use System Dashboard to monitor the system state.
Run dashboard reports.