• Install the AIX operating system, filesets, and RedHat Package Manager (RPM) packages
  • Perform system startup and shutdown
  • Discuss and use system management tools such as System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) and IBM Systems Director console for AIX
  • Manage physical and logical devices
  • Discuss the purpose of the logical volume manager
  • Perform logical volume and file system management
  • Perform and restore system backups
  • Use the AIX error log as a tool in problem determination
  • Configure Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networking


This intermediate course is intended for experienced UNIX system administrators who need training to support their transition to supporting AIX running on POWER processor based systems in a multiuser POWER (System p) partitioned environment.


You should be able to use basic UNIX commands to:

  • Execute basic AIX commands
  • Manage files and directories
  • Use the vi editor
  • Use redirection, pipes, and tees
  • Use the utilities find and grep
  • Use command and variable substitution
  • Set and change Korn shell variables
  • Write simple shell scripts

The above skills can be acquired by attending AIX Basics (AU130) or (AN100) or through equivalent AIX/UNIX knowledge.

In addition, you are expected to have hands-on experience administering a UNIX operating system (such as Solaris, HP/UX, and others) including:User management and system security

  • Storage
  • Networking
  • System shutdown and restart
  • Backup and recovery
  • System task scheduling


Five days



Chapter 1. Introduction to AIX and IBM Power systems

Exercise 1: Introduction to AIX and IBM Power systems

Chapter 2. AIX system management tools

Exercise 2: Using system management tools in AIX

Chapter 3. AIX software installation and maintenance

Exercise 3: AIX software installation and maintenance

Chapter 4. System configuration and devices

Exercise 4: System configuration and devices

Chapter 5. TCP/IP networking

Exercise 5: TCP/IP implementation

Chapter 6. System startup and shutdown

Exercise 6: System startup and shutdown

Chapter 7. Basics of configuring logical partitions

Exercise 7: Configuring logical partitions

Chapter 8. AIX installation

Exercise 8: AIX installation

Chapter 9. Working with the Logical Volume Manager

Exercise 9Working with LVM

Chapter 10. File systems administration

Exercise 10: File systems administration

Chapter 11. The Object Data Manager

Exercise 11: The Object Data Manager

Chapter 12. LVM metadata

Exercise 12: LVM metadata issues

Chapter 13. Disk management procedures

Exercise 13: Disk management procedures

Chapter 14. Backup and restore

Exercise 14: Backup and restore

Chapter 15. Error monitoring

Exercise 15: Error monitoring

Chapter 16. System initialization - I

Exercise 16: System initialization - I (Parts 1-3)
Exercise 16: System initialization - I (Part 4)

Chapter 17. System initialization - II

Exercise 17: System initialization - II

Chapter 18. The AIX system dump facility

Exercise 18: System dump

Chapter 19. Topic 1: Alternate disk installation

Exercise 19. Topic 1: Alternate Disk

Chapter 19. Topic 2: Using multibos

Exercise 19: Topic 2: multibos

Optional Appendix A: Survey of additional AIX facilities
Optional Appendix B: Printers and queues