Tableau Server Administration Training

This Tableau workshop teaches particpants the fundamentals of working with Tableau projects, workbooks, views, and data sources. Attendees also learn about Tableau navigation, permissions, and user management. 

Course Details


2 hours

Skills Gained

  • Set up security
  • Manage users, groups, content, and data sources
  • Apply permissions best practices
  • Automate server tasks and bridge extracts
  • Schedule data-driven alerts
  • Monitor server status
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Projects, Workbooks, Views, and Data Sources
    • Project
    • Workbook
    • View
    • Data Source
    • Navigation
  • Working within a Project
    • Nested or child projects
    • Adjusting Permissions
    • Adjusting Project Description or Images
  • Working within a Workbook
    • Edit the workbook in the browser
    • Download the file
    • Tags
    • Permissions
    • Revision history
    • Workbook stats
    • Sorting and tiling options
  • Working with Views in a Workbook
    • The hierarchical structure of your project and folders
    • Tabs
    • Setting view filters or lenses
    • Alerts
    • Subscriptions
    • Sharing
    • Comments
    • Preview Device Layouts
  • Adjusting Users and User Permissions
    • Adding new users
    • Assigning permissions and site role access
  • Creating or Editing Groups
    • Creating a group
    • Adjusting group permissions
  • Refreshing Schedules and Tasks
    • Data extracts and why they are important
    • Understanding and creating refresh schedules
    • How these get set within a Tableau file
    • Tasks and triggers
  • Settings, Status Reporting, and Site Usage
    • The various reports and how to use them
    • How to customize them, if desired
    • Settings and what information is allowed and tracked
  • Conclusion