Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 3 Training

In this 1-day course, students will continue their learning on report writing with Microsoft SQL Server Report Designer and SSRS. The focus of this course is enhancing custom report visualizations and the use of Visual Basic programming in SSRS reporting. Supporting Visual Basic programming in reports is a normal requirement in todays reporting landscape and this course presents the information you will need through the course content, group discussions, worksheets, practices, demonstrations, and lab activities. Report Designer is available for all supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server.
Course Details


1 day


  • Familiarity with Windows.
  • Creating and navigating folders.
  • Opening programs.
  • Manipulating windows.
  • Copying, pasting, and formatting text.
  • Saving files.
  • Course 55170: Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 2

Target Audience

  • Individuals experienced with Report Designer and SSRS.
  • Experienced Report Builder (SSRS) report authors.
  • Business analysts, programmer analysts, data analysts, database administrators, or IT professionals.

Skills Gained

  • Use shapes to create enhanced custom report visualizations.
  • Understand the use of Visual Basic programming in SSRS reports.
  • Use and support Visual Basic code in the SSRS reporting effort.
Course Outline
  • Creating Enhanced Visualizations
    • The Importance of Shapes in Reporting
    • Enhanced Visualizations Using the Rectangle
    • Control the Display of Report Items
    • Creating Tiles in a Tablix
  • Visual Basic
    • The Visual Basic Programming Language
    • Visual Basic Language Components
    • Decision Structures and Procedures
  • Using Visual Basic in SSRS Reporting
    • Visual Basic in SSRS Reports
    • Calling Visual Basic code from the Report
    • Using External Visual Basic code in a Report