Python Training

We offer the best Python Training Courses regularly delivered to our worldwide Fortune 500 clients around the world! Learn one of today’s most popular programming languages from our technical experts, whether you’re new to using Python or want to learn more specific advanced functionalities from our Python Training classes.
Introduction to Python 3 Programming (Practical Programming for Beginners)
Course ID: WA3016
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

Whether you’re focusing on machine learning, data engineering, systems administration, or another field, it's likely you're going to need to understand the fundamentals of Python programming. In our intensive 3-day Python course, we will cover the essential skills of this versatile programming language through theoretical concepts and hands-on labs.
Data Engineering Bootcamp Training using Python and PySpark
Course ID: WA3020
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This hands-on Data Engineering Bootcamp teaches attendees the foundations of data engineering using Python and Spark SQL. Students learn how to build production-ready data-driven solutions and gain a comprehensive understanding of data engineering.
Python Security: Introduction to Python Programming for Security Analysts & Professionals
Course ID: TP3379
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Python course teaches attendees how to preform security-related tasks such as log manipulation and forensics. Students learn how to implement security reviews and audits of Python applications and support development teams to implement better defenses in Python. Extra emphasis is placed on features unique to Python, such as tuples, array slices, and output formatting. 
Advanced Python Programming
Course ID: TTPS4850
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

Geared for experienced Python programmers, this Advanced Python Programming training course covers intermediate to advanced-level topics and skills, teaching students how to leverage OS services, code graphical interfaces for applications, create modules, create and run unit tests, define classes, interact with network services, query databases, Process XML data and much more.
Intermediate Data Engineering with Python
Course ID: WA3032
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This fast-paced two-day Data Engineering training course focuses on data analytics through the use of the Python language, the Spark platform for highly scalable operations, and AWS Glue for comprehensive data access. Extensive hands-on exercises are provided to ensure that students get the practical experience required to perform successfully.
Pragmatic Python Programming (Hands-on Advanced)
Course ID: WA3174
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This intensive four-day hands-on course takes the attendees on a learning path that goes well beyond the basics of Python programming and teaches the participants the best practices for using Python.