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Angular Training and Courseware

We offer the best Angular Training courses regularly delivered to our
Fortune 500 clients around the world

Angular Training courses with our top rated instructors and Angular experts will help you to learn Angular and build responsive, enterprise-strength applications that run smoothly on desktop and mobile devices.

As Angular grows in popularity, new versions of the front-end framework are constantly being released. That’s why Web Age offers a wide range of courses covering every version of Angular available today.  Choose the best Angular course for your needs to get started developing Angular applications right away.

Any Angular Training course can be customized to fit your team’s needs, goals, and level of expertise. Get started with Web Age Angular Training today!

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Proven Results in Angular Training

For over 20 years, we have trained thousands of developers at some of the country’s largest tech companies – including many Fortune 500 companies. Here are a few of the clients we have delivered Angular training to:


Wells Fargo Angular Training  Visa Angular Training  UPS Angular Training  Travellers Insurance Angular TrainingNielsen Media Research Angular Training  NASA Jet Propulsion Angular Training  Angular 10 Training Liberty Mutual  Jet Propulsion Angular TrainingFedex Web Age Angular Training ClientAngular 10 Training CIBC Anthem Insurance Angular Training  AmDocs Angular Training

Reviews from past students who completed our Angular Training:


“The instructor is very knowledgeable and helped me to understand all topics and answered all my questions. I’m extremely satisfied and highly recommend him.”

“Really enjoyed the instructor’s presentation of the course. He made sure we always understood the principles presented.”

“The instructor very knowledgeable, provide very valuable answers to students.”

“The instructor did an awesome job covering the course material.”

“I loved being in this class. The class was interesting and I enjoyed doing labs. The instructor was very enthusiastic and helpful.”

“Very good! One of the best I’ve had”

Building Angular JS Applications with Grunt!

In this Angular Training video, we review the need for a build system with AngularJS applications, and introduces Yeoman and Grunt.js.

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What is Angular?

Angular is a framework to build the browser side front end portion of a web application. It excels at many things, but these three stand out the most:

  1. First of all, by employing two-way data binding, it lets us manipulate DOM with much less code than jQuery.
  2. Through the use of HTML templates, it lets us dynamically add complex DOM element structure, which will be very difficult to do using plain DOM API or jQuery.
  3. It lets us write Single Page Applications (SPA).

In summary, if you are writing an SPA style application or need to do many complex DOM manipulations, this will be a framework of choice.

Why Angular is better?

This framework was developed to solve some basic problems in existing web development. The HTML markup language was originally designed to display static web pages and to move from one page to another using simple links. As individual pages grew larger and more complex they took longer to load into the browser. Simple web sites evolved into web applications displaying richly designed pages with dynamic content. Forms enabled data capture but often involved multi-page work flows and complex validation code. Although various JavaScript libraries emerged to assist web developers the amount of code and complexity of applications continued to increase. This framework was created to simplify and reduce the coding required for web development tasks. In addition, the way it’s structured encourages modularity, code reuse, and testing.

When should someone take Deep Dive vs Advanced Angular training ?

While you know your level of Angular training the best, we suggest that you take the Deep Dive Angular course at least 6 months after taking our Introduction to Angular or Comprehensive Angular training course.

Our Advanced Angular training course can be taken right after the Introduction to Angular Training.

What happened to Angular 3?

There is no Angular 3!

The reason was due to a “misalignment” of the names of certain parts of the core packages. With the new version they wanted all the packages to have the same version number, so they bumped everything up to 4 to keep things straight.

Who created Angular?

Miško Hevery is the inventor of  Angular and Senior Computer Scientist at Google.

Who should use Angular?

If you are writing an SPA style application or need to do many complex DOM manipulations, this will be the framework of choice. It is a good choice when you want:

A single page app


Flexibility of the front end and Ultimate separation of both front and back end.

What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular 8?

Should you be taking an AngularJS Training course or another Angular Training course? When first released, the next generation of the ‘AngularJS’ framework was called ‘Angular 2’. Because new versions will make this term outdated, the current terminology for the framework is simply ‘Angular’.

Angular is a complete redesign of Angular JS. It builds on the lessons learned during the life of AngularJS. Specifically Angular is Component oriented While AngularJS is directive based. AngularJS was MVC-based while Angular uses data-bound components. Angular is designed to support mobile devices AngularJS was not.

If you need to maintain projects, then you might need to learn the AngularJS version and take an AngularJS course.

Every six months, Angular will be bumped another version number. This Angular — the only package properly called just Angular — is the only package you should be learning now.  Our Angular 8 training covers all major topics required to fully use the most recent generation of the Angular framework.  We offer the best Angular Training! You can choose the best Angular training course for the version you need!

How to get an Angular certification?

There are some companies that offer a certification course, but there is really no value in it.

Can I take this Angular training online?

Yes! We know your busy work schedule may prevent you from getting to one of our classrooms which is why we offer convenient Angular online training to meet your needs wherever you want. We offer our classes as public Angular training classes or dedicated Angular training. Ask us about taking an Angular online course! We offer introductory Angular Training to Angular Advanced Training in all Angular versions from AngularJS online courses to Angular 12 online courses. Choose the best Angular Training course for the version you need!

Which is the best Angular course for me?

At Web Age, we deliver Angular courses for every version of Angular! We provide Angular training in all versions from AngularJS Training to Angular 12 Training! You can choose the best angular training course suited to your needs.

Will I get hands-on practice coding with Angular during the class?

Yes! Our Angular training classes include extensive hands-on work! Less than 1/2 of the content is lecture. At the end of our classes, students are usually able to use Angular to make a real world, end-to-end, working application.

Who should attend?

Web Age Solutions is an excellent starting point for corporate developer teams as well as individual developers. We offer the best angular training classes with varying depth to accommodate all student knowledge from Angular beginners and non-developers, to those that are experienced with using Angular. Even the most experienced Angular developers can learn new techniques and get valuable tips on organizing complex Angular projects from our experienced instructors.

Who delivers the Angular training?

Web Age provides trainers who are subject matter experts having considerable teaching experience in front-end development technology.

Is this live Angular training?

All of our Angular Training classes are live. They are interactive sessions that enable you to ask questions and participate in discussions during the class time.

Why learn Angular?

Backed by Google, Angular is widely popular for creating dynamic apps and its data binding and dependency injection features significantly reduce the amount of code that needs to be written. It is being used extensively by developers for building web, desktop, and mobile applications. This has led to a significant rise in the number of opportunities for professionals who are trained in Angular.

Furthermore, developers and professionals should learn Angular because it offers these capabilities:

  • Angular is maintained by Google and a community of experts acting as a solution for rapid front-end development
  • Angular makes use of TypeScript and is much faster and more mobile-oriented than it’s predecessor – AngularJS.
  • It is a part of MEAN stack. MEAN stack is made up of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. Since all the components that make up MEAN stack use Javascript for programming, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both client-side & server-side execution.
  • Angular comes with the ability to make static Web pages more dynamic, therefore allowing web designers to add more tools.
  • Organizations are seeing the benefits of adopting Angular, therefore there is an increased  demand for Angular experts.

What is the best way to learn Angular?

Web Age offers the best Angular training that you need to master the framework and look to make a career in it.

What is the career progression and opportunities after learning Angular?

The future prospects for Angular users looks to be promising. Angular is widely used in the technology market today, this can be attributed to the fact that Angular offers very optimal solution for any type of web application needed. With more and more organizations looking to move to Angular, the need for skilled developers is at an unprecedented height and will continue to grow.

Is an AngularJS class still available?

We keep up with each new Angular version, but we also still offer Angular training covering AngularJS which is very different from the newer versions. See our list of AngularJS Training classes and choose whichever fits your needs. Click Here to View More Details on our AngularJS Training.

Are more advanced Angular Training classes available?

Absolutely! WebAge Angular Training courses cover introductory through intermediate topics deeply, as well as angular advanced course topics for students who are ready. For more extensive Angular advanced course topics and a deep dive into the material, see our complete Angular Training course list above to help you choose the best Angular Training course for your needs.

WA2889  Intermediate Angular 8 Programming

WA2891 Advanced Angular 8 Programming

Angular Training Course Categories

We cover introductory Angular training through angular advanced courses in all Angular versions.

Choose the Angular Training course that you need to get started developing Angular applications right away.


Angular 12 Training Courses

Our Angular 12 training courses focus on the latest production release of this typescript framework, Angular 12.

Angular 12 training courses covers all the basics including: Typescript, components, directives, services, pipes, form development, HttpClient and observables. In addition it covers advanced usage of HttpClient, observables and routing. Added to that are topics on consuming WebSockets data, Testing and Debugging of Angular applications.

View Angular 12 Training Courses and Schedule

Angular 10 Training Courses


Angular 10 TrainingAngular 10 Learning Path
   (Click to enlarge)


Our Angular 10 training courses focus on Angular 10.

The Angular 10 framework supports the creation of single-page browser applications as well as responsive web sites and hybrid mobile applications.

Angular 10 training courses covers all the basics including: Typescript, components, directives, services, pipes, form development, HttpClient and observables. In addition it covers advanced usage of HttpClient, observables and routing. Added to that are topics on consuming WebSockets data, Testing and Debugging of Angular applications.

View Angular 10 Training Courses and Schedule

Angular 8 Training

Angular TrainingAngular 8 Learning Path
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Our Angular 8 training give web developers a comprehensive hands-on introduction to creating responsive, high-performance web apps from the ground up.

Our Angular 8 courses focus on the latest release – Angular 8 – which introduces service worker support, differential loading and we’ll also take a look at the latest Ivy compiler and rendering pipeline.

While Ivy represents a pretty big change under the bonnet, the Angular team have been working hard to maintain backwards compatibility, so if you are looking to learn Angular 8 in order to support a previous version (e.g. Angular 6 or Angular 7) our courses will still be relevant for you.

In our Angular 8 classes, you’ll  be provided with hands-on practice throughout the labs, as you learn how to build apps using Angular 8, with plenty of interactivity with the instructor.

We deliver a series of hands-on, instructor led Angular 8 training courses from introductory to Angular advanced courses. Check our our complete list of Angular 8 courses by clicking the link below:

Angular 8 Training Courses and Schedules.

AngularJS Training

This section covers Angular 1.x courses. Though Angular 8 is the latest version of this framework, you may be using Angular 1.x as you have not migrated yet.

Our AngularJS training is developed in-house and captures the development best practices gathered from the projects we have worked on. Our AngularJS training is extremely hands on and every module is followed by a lab.

Web Age AngularJS classes are delivered in traditional classroom style format. AngularJS Online Training is also available in a synchronous instructor led format.

View Course Schedules and Complete List of AngularJS Courses.

What is Angular JS?

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AngularJS Training

AngularJS Training Courses

You may be using Angular 1.x if you have not migrated yet.

Our AngularJS training is developed in-house and is extremely hands on and every module is followed by a lab.

AngularJS Training

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