Create AI Copilots with Microsoft Copilot Studio Training

In this Creating AI Copilots course, attendees learn how to build intelligent virtual assistants, called copilots, using Microsoft Copilot Studio. These AI-powered helpers streamline tasks and improve decision-making.

After covering the basics of generative AI and the Microsoft Copilot platform, attendees learn the fundamentals of creating dynamic and interactive bots in Microsoft Copilot Studio, tailored to their organizations’ needs. By the end of this course, attendees master Copilot Studio, empowering them to boost productivity, improve workflows, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Course Details


1 day


There are no prerequisites for this course on Microsoft Copilot Studio. However, having familiarity with programming concepts like variables, functions, and conditional statements, as well as cloud computing, especially Azure services, is beneficial.

Skills Gained

  • Understand the fundamentals of generative AI, including language models and copilots, and explore their practical applications.
  • Gain proficiency in Microsoft Copilot Studio, including setting up environments, creating copilots, and managing topics for effective conversation flow.
  • Learn to work with entities and variables within Microsoft Copilot Studio to extract information and enhance conversational interactions.
  • Enhance copilots using Power Automate and Omnichannel for Customer Service integration.
  • Apply learned concepts to design and build effective conversational bots tailored to specific business needs, focusing on use cases, topic design, and iterative validation.
  • Develop practical skills through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to deploy efficient and engaging copilots with Microsoft Copilot Studio.
Course Outline
  • Fundamentals of Generative AI
    • Introduction
    • What is generative AI?
    • What are language models?
    • Using language models
    • What are copilots?
    • Microsoft Copilot
    • Considerations for Copilot prompts
    • Extending and developing copilots
    • Explore Microsoft Copilot
  • Get Started with Microsoft Copilot Studio
    • Get started working with environments
    • Create copilots and work with the Microsoft Copilot Studio interface
    • Enhancing productivity with Generative AI
    • Create topics
    • Test bots
    • Publish bots and analyze performance
    • Working with Microsoft Copilot Studio
  • Manage Topics in Microsoft Copilot Studio
    • Work with bot topics
    • Branch a topic
    • Create topics for existing support content
    • Work with system fallback topics
    • Manage topics
  • Work with Entities and Variables in Microsoft Copilot Studio
    • Introduction
    • Work with entities
    • Custom entities
    • Use entities in conversations
    • Work with variables
    • Reuse variables across topics
  • Enhance Microsoft Copilot Studio Copilots
    • Use Power Automate to add actions
    • Transfer conversations to agents by using Omnichannel for Customer Service
    • Create topics for existing support content
    • Analyze copilot performance
  • Build effective copilots with Microsoft Copilot Studio
    • Use cases
    • Plan for bots
    • Topics
    • Design your bot
    • Build solutions
    • Build a conversational bot