Ansible and Azure Overview Training

This comprehensive training course will teach you how to use Ansible to automate your Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This course is designed for IT professionals, DevOps engineers, and system administrators who want to automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of Azure resources, improve efficiency and reduce errors, ensure consistent deployments, and gain a deeper understanding of Azure Automation and Ansible.

Course Details


2 days


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing
  • Familiarity with Azure services
  • Linux command line and scripting experience is helpful but not required

Skills Gained

  • Understand the fundamentals of Azure cloud computing
  • Set up and configure Ansible for Azure automation
  • Discover and interact with Azure resources using Ansible modules
  • Create, modify, and delete Azure resources through Ansible playbooks
  • Implement best practices for managing secrets and credentials in Ansible
  • Use variables, templates, and loops to create dynamic Azure deployments
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Azure Automation and Ansible
    • Understanding cloud computing and its benefits
    • Introduction to Ansible and its advantages for automation
    • Azure services that can be automated with Ansible
  • Setting Up Ansible for Azure
    • Installing Ansible and its dependencies
    • Configuring Ansible for Azure authentication
    • Testing connectivity to Azure from Ansible
  • Managing Azure Resources with Ansible Modules
    • Exploring Ansible Azure modules for different Azure services
    • Creating and managing virtual machines with Ansible
    • Automating storage, networking, and other Azure resources
  • Ansible Playbooks for Azure Automation
    • Understanding Ansible playbooks and their structure
    • Creating basic Azure automation playbooks
    • Implementing conditional statements and error handling
  • Managing Secrets and Credentials
    • Best practices for handling sensitive data in Ansible
    • Using Ansible Vault for secure storage of secrets
    • Integrating Azure Key Vault for managing credentials
  • Dynamic Deployments with Ansible
    • Working with variables and facts in Ansible
    • Using templates and loops for dynamic resource creation
    • Employing Jinja2 templates for Azure deployments
  • Organizing Automation with Ansible Roles
    • Introduction to Ansible roles and their benefits
    • Creating and structuring Ansible roles for Azure automation
    • Reusing and sharing Ansible roles in different projects
  • Ansible Tower for Azure Automation
    • Overview of Ansible Tower for centralized automation management
    • Configuring Ansible Tower for Azure environments
    • Creating and scheduling job templates for Azure automation
  • CI/CD with Azure and Ansible
    • Integrating Ansible with Azure Pipelines for CI/CD
    • Automating application deployment using CI/CD pipelines
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines
  • Security and Compliance in Azure Automation
    • Implementing security best practices in Azure and Ansible.
    • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Auditing and logging Ansible automation activities in Azure.
  • Conclusion