Duration: 1.5 days


  • Work with workspaces
  • Create reusable artifacts with datasets, dataflows, and Datamarts
  • Secure Power BI artifacts
  • Perform tuning with performance analyzer, aggregations, hybrid & dual store.
  • Connect to on-premises environment using Power BI Data Gateway
  • Create Deployment Pipeline to implement dev, test, and prod environments.
  • Share reports and dashboards with Power BI Apps and embedding in SharePoint/Web portals.
  • Administer Power BI using PowerShell and Power BI CLI tools.

Outline for Power BI for Administrators Training

Managing Workspaces

  • Creating workspaces
  • Understanding differences between Pro and Premium
  • View usage metrics
  • View lineage

Creating Reusable Artifacts using Datasets, Dataflows, and Datamarts

  • Understanding Datasets
  • Understanding Dataflows
  • Understanding Datamarts
  • Deciding when to use datasets, dataflows, and datamarts
  • Configuring Endorsement and Sensitivity


  • Configuring permissions in Workspace
  • Working with Row-level Security (RLS)
  • Working with Object-level Security (OLS)

Performance Tuning

  • Using Performance Analyzer
  • Using Storage Modes: DirectQuery, Import, and Composite/Hybrid modes
  • Using Aggregations

Integrating with On-prem Data

  • Configuring Power BI Data Gateway
  • Connecting to on-prem SQL Server and File Share

Deployment Pipeline

  • Understanding Deployment Pipeline
  • Managing multiple environments, e.g., Dev, Test, and Prod
  • Implementing Power BI Lifecycle using Deployment Pipelines

Sharing Power BI Reports

  • Apps in Power BI
  • Configuring the navigation structure / sitemap
  • Publishing to Web
  • Embed and link in Portals (SharePoint)

Power BI Administration using the CLI Tools

  • Using PowerShell to administer Power BI
  • Using Power BI CLI to interact with Power BI Service
03/25/2024 - 03/26/2024
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Online Virtual Class
USD $1,395.00
05/06/2024 - 05/07/2024
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Online Virtual Class
USD $1,395.00