Duration: 1 day

Learn how to embed your Power BI apps, reports, and dashboards in SharePoint and custom a custom website.


  • Create a report
  • Create a dashboard
  • Create scorecards and add metrics
  • Create and publish a custom App for Power BI


Business Analysts, Data Analysts, and Business Intelligence professionals who want to learn how to effectively share/distribute reports with users by creating reports, dashboards, scorecards, and then bundling/packaging the whole thing as a custom app in Power BI.


Familiarity with Power BI Desktop and reports is essential.

Outline for Implementing Dashboards, Scorecards, and Apps in Power BI Training

Module 1: Get Started with Microsoft Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics and Microsoft
  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Identify the tasks that are performed by a data analyst.
  • Describe the Power BI landscape of products and services.
  • Use the Power BI service.
  • Understanding the differences between report and dashboard

Module 2: Creating a Basic Report in Power BI

  • Get data from various data sources.
  • Create a report.
  • Publish the report to Power BI Service
  • Explore the report on Power BI Service

Module 3: Working with Dashboards on Power BI Service

  • Create a dashboard in Power BI Service
  • Understanding tiles
  • Adding media content to dashboard
  • Adding real-time streaming data to dashboard
  • Using Q&A to ask question about your data.
  • Subscribe to dashboard.
  • Configure alerts.
  • Share dashboard.

Module 4: Working with Metrics

  • Create a scorecard.
  • Add metrics to the scorecard.
  • Share score cards.

Module 5: Creating Apps in Power BI

  • Create an App in Power BI
  • Adding reports and dashboards to the app
  • Configure target audience for the app.
  • Publish the app.

Module 6: Distributing Power BI Reports

  • Share a Power BI App
  • Embed an app in SharePoint.
  • Embed an app in a custom website.


  • Signing Up for a Power BI Account
  • Creating a Power BI Report
  • Working with Power BI Dashboards
  • Working with Scorecards and Metrics
  • Publishing an App in Power BI
  • APPENDIX: Enhancing a report in Power BI Desktop
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