Implementing Dashboards, Scorecards, and Apps in Power BI Training

Have you wondered how to share or distribute your Power BI reports more effectively in an enterprise environment? This course starts with clarifying the difference between a report and a dashboard and then dives into how to implement dashboards and use them effectively. You will also learn how to work with scorecards and publish a custom app with different reports and dashboards for your target audience.
Course Details


1 day


Familiarity with Power BI Desktop and reports.

Target Audience

Business Analysts, Data Analysts, and Business Intelligence professionals who want to learn how to effectively share/distribute reports with users by creating reports, dashboards, scorecards, and then bundling/packaging the whole thing as a custom app in Power BI.

Skills Gained

  • Create a report
  • Create a dashboard
  • Create scorecards and add metrics
  • Create and publish a custom App for Power BI
Course Outline
  • Get Started with Microsoft Data Analytics
    • Data Analytics and Microsoft
    • Getting Started with Power BI
    • Identify the tasks that are performed by a data analyst.
    • Describe the Power BI landscape of products and services.
    • Use the Power BI service.
    • Understanding the differences between report and dashboard
  • Creating a Basic Report in Power BI
    • Get data from various data sources.
    • Create a report.
    • Publish the report to Power BI Service
    • Explore the report on Power BI Service
  • Working with Dashboards on Power BI Service
    • Create a dashboard in Power BI Service
    • Understanding tiles
    • Adding media content to dashboard
    • Adding real-time streaming data to dashboard
    • Using Q&A to ask question about your data.
    • Subscribe to dashboard.
    • Configure alerts.
    • Share dashboard.
  • Working with Metrics
    • Create a scorecard.
    • Add metrics to the scorecard.
    • Share score cards.
  • Creating Apps in Power BI
    • Create an App in Power BI
    • Adding reports and dashboards to the app
    • Configure target audience for the app.
    • Publish the app.
  • Distributing Power BI Reports
    • Share a Power BI App
    • Embed an app in SharePoint.
    • Embed an app in a custom website.
  • Lab Exercises 
    • Signing Up for a Power BI Account
    • Creating a Power BI Report
    • Working with Power BI Dashboards
    • Working with Scorecards and Metrics
    • Publishing an App in Power BI
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Online Virtual Class
Date: Jul 1, 2024
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM ET
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Online Virtual Class
Date: Aug 5, 2024
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM ET
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Date: Aug 12, 2024
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