Fundamentals of DataOps Training

This course introduces you to DataOps basics, including its origins, components, real-life applications, and ways to implement it.

Course Details


1 day


General knowledge of programming and data processing.

Target Audience

  • Data and Business Analysts
  • Information Architects
  • Technical Managers

Skills Gained

  • Understand the fundamentals of DataOps and how people collaborate to deliver data for specific purposes.
  • Learn the three standard DataOps pipelines (Production, Development, and Environment) and how to orchestrate the necessary teams, tools, and processes
  • Test, measure, and iteratively improve DataOps production pipelines
  • Structure the development pipeline to fit the development lifecycle and use it to achieve fast deployments
  • Build environment pipelines, manage components, and adapt the environment to different use cases
  • Apply Lean DataOps to improve your organization’s data operations
Course Outline
  • Intro to DataOps 
    • Problems in the Data & Analytics Industry
    • Root Cause: Organizational Complexities
    • Solution: What Is DataOps?
  • DataOps Production Pipeline 
    • The Three DataOps Pipelines
    • Meta-Orchestrate Tools, Teams & Processes
    • Automate Tests for Error Detection
    • Types of Tests
    • Measure Production Processes, Reflect & Improve
  • DataOps Development Pipeline
    • Development Lifecycle Complexities
    • Data & Analytics Development
    • How to Achieve Fast Deployments
    • DataOps Deployments: Beyond DevOps
  • DataOps Environment Pipeline 
    • DataOps Environment Challenges
    • Environment Management: Components & Use Cases
    • Principles of DataOps Environments
  • DataOps Implementation 
    • Lean DataOps Implementation
    • Four Phases of Lean DataOps
    • Getting started with DataOps