06/19/2023 - 06/20/2023
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Online Virtual Class
USD $1,460.00
07/03/2023 - 07/04/2023
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Online Virtual Class
USD $1,460.00
07/10/2023 - 07/11/2023
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Online Virtual Class
USD $1,460.00


• Understand how to implement data warehouses using AWS Lake Formation service

• Use S3 through management console

• Understand the architecture of Snowflake data platform

• Use Snowflake web UI (a.k.a Web Portal, Snowflake Manager, and Snowflake Console)

• Create databases, tables, and warehouses in the Snowflake Web UI

• Understand how Amazon QuickSight builds visualizations, perform ad hoc analysis, and business insights

• Explore the main capabilities of AWS Glue

• Create a Glue crawler to work over a collection of CSV files using a customized classifier to infer their schemas

• Create and run an AWS Glue ETL job



Data and business analysts, IT architects, developers, and technical managers


Participants are expected to have a general knowledge of programming


2 days


Lab Setup Guide

Outline for Data Analytics on AWS Training

Chapter 1 - The AWS Lake Formation Service

First, What is a Data Lake?

Data Lakes vs Traditional Data Warehouses

Characteristics of Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Now, What is AWS Lake Formation?

What are the Benefits of Using Lake Formation?.

How Lake Formation Works.

The Lake Formation Dashboard.

AWS Lake Formation Pricing

Chapter 2 - AWS Simple Storage Service

What is AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).

AWS Storage.


S3 Regions.

Getting started with S3.

Using BitTorrent

More on Buckets.

Bucket Configurable Properties.

Advanced S3 Bucket Properties.

The Bucket Creation Dialog in the Management Console.

Bucket Permissions.

Bucket-level Operations.

Authorization of REST Requests.

Adding Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Configuration

Event Notifications.

The Requester Pays Option.

The Object Key

Object Versioning.

Example of Object Properties

Object Storage Class Levels.

Object-level Operations.

Object Lifecycle Configuration.

Amazon S3 Data Consistency Model

Observable Data Consistency Behaviors

Eventually Consistent Reads vs Consistent Reads.

Amazon S3 Security.

S3 Use Case: Backup and Archiving.

Another S3 Use Case: Static Web Hosting

More on Static Web Hosting.

S3 Static Website Hosting Dialog in Management Console.

S3 Use Case: Disaster Recovery

AWS S3 Pricing

Storage Pricing.  

Request Pricing.

Data Transfer Pricing.

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration.

How to Enable Transfer Acceleration

Enabling Transfer Acceleration in the Management Console.

Amazon S3 SLA Definitions

Amazon S3 SLA Service Commitment



Chapter 3 - Redshift.



Data Warehouse.

Traditional Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Data Lake.


Redshift Features.

High Performance.

Simple Management.



Query your Data Lake.


Partners Offer Certified Solutions

Data Warehouse Challenges.

Redshift Spectrum.

As islWhere is Data.

Scalability with Redshift Spectrum

Combine data warehouse and the data lake.

SQL Queries across S3 and Redshift.

Redshift Query


Chapter 4 - Redshift Optimizations


Superuser Queue.

Default Queues.

User Defined Queues.

Workload Management (WLM)

Concurrency level.

User groups

Query groups.

Memory %


Sort keys.

Compound Sort Keys.

Tnterleaved Sort Keys.

Cleaning Up Data


Chapter 5 - Visualization and Reporting.

Amazon QuickSight.


Data Analyses.





Typical Amazon QuickSight Workflow

Create a Data Set

Create an Analysis.

Create a Visual Manually.

Amazon Athena.

Amazon Athena and AWS Data Catalog.

Query Data Using Amazon Athena.

Create a Report Using Tablea

Create a Report Using Tableau (Contd.).


Chapter 6 - Tntroduction to AWS Glue

What is AWS Glue?.

AWS Glue Components.

AWS Glue Components (Cont'd).

AWS Glue Components (Cont'd).

Managing Notebooks

AWS Glue Components (Cont'd).

Putting it Together: The AWS Glue Environment Architecture

AWS Glue Main Activities

Additional Glue Services

When To Use AWS Glue?

Tntegration with other AWS Services.


Chapter 7 - AWS Glue PySpark Extensions.

AWS Glue and Spark.

The DynamicFrame Object

The DynamicFrame APT.

The GlueContext Object.

Glue Transforms.

A Sample Glue PySpark Script.

Using PySpark

AWS Glue PySpark SDK.