Introduction to the Modern Web Application Development Environment Training

This class serves as a quick level setting for students with limited exposure to current front end web application development. This one day session introduces the core concepts needed before attending a MERN, MEAN, Angular or React class.
Course Details


1 day


  • Basic understanding of the architecture and interaction between Web Clients and Web Servers.
  • Development experience with scripting or a high level programming language like JavaScript, Java, PHP, C++, etc.
  • Basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript are helpful

Target Audience

Experienced programmers needing to prepare for developing and - or supporting current front end web applications.
Course Outline
  • Intro to Web Apps
    • Architecture reference models with history of how we got here
    • Serves as overview to orient them
  • VSCode
    • Introduction to show the basics of how to work with the tool
    • Highlight features needed for future training and work:
      • the terminal
      • extensions
      • settings
    • hands on - and continued for each of the modules below
  • HTML and the DOM
    • how one becomes the other and why it's important
    • mention Browser APIs and where to find doc for them
    • also the Document (DOM) API and DOM nodes
    • Introduce Chrome dev tools
  • CSS
    • How to style an element, CSS classes
    • Work with API docs
    • Show CSS features in chrome dev tools
  • ES6 JavaScript
    • ES6 fundamentals and key features - focus on API beyond client side validation which most developers already know
    • Show code in chrome dev tools
  • Chrome developer tools
    • finding errors
    • using the console
    • working with the debugger
    • meaningful extensions
  • What is a SPA (Single Page Application)
    • Why have them (MVC, Ajax, Smart client)
    • MEAN and MERN stack
Upcoming Course Dates
USD $680
Online Virtual Class
Date: May 6, 2024
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM ET