Course #:WA2469

Introduction to Agile Architecture Training

This course examines the relationship between the Agile methodology and the practice of Architecture. It is a mixture of lectures and exercises. The lectures provide instruction on the concepts and open up meaningful discussions; the exercises have students work through a case study to help deepen their knowledge. The course begins with defining what the Agile methodology and the practice of Architecture are and continues by looking at their strengths and weakness. An apparent dichotomy exists, and an exploration of industry practices demonstrate possible ways to resolve the conflict. The course ends by looking at how the best of both may be achievable.


At the end of the training, practitioners will be able to:

  • describe the Agile methodology and its relationship to and need for Architecture
  • understand the inherent challenges of Agile and Architecture
  • discuss the ways in which the industry has been connecting Architecture and Agile
  • consider ways in which Architecture can support an Agile environment


Architects, Software Development Team Leads, Technical leads, Agile team members, Managers




2 Days

Outline of Introduction to Agile Architecture Training

Chapter 1. The Basics

  • What is Architecture?
  • Challenges with Traditional Architecture
  • What is Agile?
  • Challenges with Agile
  • The Agile and Architecture Conflict

Chapter 2. The Connection

  • How Architecture Fits in with Agile
  • Where Architecture and Agile Connect
  • Is There Agile Architecture?
  • Towards Agile Architecture
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