UNIX Basics for Users Training

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Unix from a user's perspective. Topics include History of Unix, Navigating the File System, the Visual Editor (vi), Basic Commands and Tools. End-users, administrators, operators, managers, clerks, and support personnel will learn the commands and gain the know-how to quickly become productive in a Unix environment.
Course Details


3 days


No prior knowledge is presumed.

Target Audience

This course is designed for administrators, operators, managers, and support personnel and users of Unix systems with non-technical backgrounds who will be using a traditional Unix development system rather than a customized Unix environment.

Skills Gained

  • Understand basic Unix concepts
  • Log in to and out of the system
  • Understand the basic components of Unix, such as the file system and command interpreter
  • Use vi, the standard Unix text editor
  • Use basic Unix tools and commands¬†
Course Outline
  • Why Unix?
  • Getting Started With Unix
  • The File System Hierarchy
  • The vi Editor
  • More vi
  • Customizing vi
  • Controlling Process Execution