System programmers, applications programmers, administrators, support personnel and anyone needing to gain proficiency in Unix Shell Programming will benefit from this hands-on lab experience.


By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Code and invoke shell programs


3 Days

  • Perform terminal I/O
  • Create and share variables
  • Debug shell code
  • Use shell functions
  • Discuss differences in Korn, Bourne and C shell environments


Student should have basic knowledge of Unix commands and utilities prior to taking this class.

  • UNIX Tools and Utilities Workshop
  • UNIX Basics for Users
  • UNIX Boot Camp

Outline for UNIX Shell Programming Workshop Training

  • Basic Command Review
  • System Variables
  • Shell Execution
  • Shell Coding Basics
  • Intermediate Shell Coding
  • More Shell Coding
  • Other Useful Commands