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UNIX Shell Programming Workshop Training

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to coding shell scripts in Unix. Topics include Shell Script Fundamentals, Shell Script Flow of Control, Shell Script Facilities and Shell Subprocedures.


System programmers, applications programmers, administrators, support personnel and anyone needing to gain proficiency in Unix Shell Programming will benefit from this hands-on lab experience.


By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Code and invoke shell programs


3 Days

  • Perform terminal I/O
  • Create and share variables
  • Debug shell code
  • Use shell functions
  • Discuss differences in Korn, Bourne and C shell environments


Student should have basic knowledge of Unix commands and utilities prior to taking this class.

  • UNIX Tools and Utilities Workshop
  • UNIX Basics for Users
  • UNIX Boot Camp

Outline of UNIX Shell Programming Workshop Training

  • Basic Command Review
  • System Variables
  • Shell Execution
  • Shell Coding Basics
  • Intermediate Shell Coding
  • More Shell Coding
  • Other Useful Commands
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