Apache Web Server Administration Training

Apache httpd Web Server Administration covers the details of installing and configuring the most popular Web server on the planet: Apache's httpd server. Students will learn the details of the httpd.conf configuration file, using .htaccess files, virtual hosts, MIME and file types, URL mapping, directory indexing, performance tuning, handlers, filters, server-side includes, managing scripts, security and Apache modules.
Course Details


2 days


  • Introduction to Unix or equivalent experience
  • Recent programming experience

Target Audience

This course is for Web Server administrators who need to be able to install, configure and run Apache httpd Web Server.
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Apache
    • The Apache Software Foundation
    • Apache HTTP Server is an open-source project managed by the Apache
    • Software
    • Foundation (ASF)
    • The ASF supports many “projects”, including:
      • HTTP Web server (Apache)
      • Jakarta
      • Perl, PHP, XML, TCL, Ant, Logging
      • and many others…
    • Downloading Apache
  • Starting and Stopping Apache
    • Start/Stop the Server on Windows
    • The Apache Monitor
    • Install Apache as a Service
    • The apachectl Script
  • The Apache Configuration Files
    • The contents of the /conf directory
    • The httpd.conf file
    • Directives
    • Sections
    • The Include Directive
    • The Options Directive
    • The Installed Directories
  • The .htaccess File
    • Overview of .htacces files
    • Configuring .htaccess
    • The AllowOverride directive
    • Setting directory authentication
    • Allowing CGI scripts
    • Performance Issues
  • Virtual Hosts
    • Overview of Virtual Hosting
    • IP-Based Virtual Hosts
    • Name-based Virtual Hosts
    • Port-based Virtual Hosts
    • Bulk Virtual Hosting
  • MIME and File Types
    • Overview of MIME Types
    • Configuring MIME Types
    • Encoding Files
    • Character Sets
    • Languages
  • URL Mapping
    • Configuring Aliases
    • Configuring Redirects
    • The DocumentRoot Directive
    • Error Documents
  • Directory Indexing
    • The DirectoryIndex Directive
    • Fancy Indexing
    • Headers and Footers
    • Ignoring Files
    • Searching and Sorting
  • Performance Tuning
    • The ApacheBench Utility Program
    • Tweaking the Apache Configuration
  • Handlers and Filters
    • Overview of Handlers
    • The <Location> Section
    • Configuring Handlers
    • The server-status Handler
    • Overview of Filters
    • Configuring Filters
  • SSI
    • Overview of SSI
    • Configuring SSI
    • Using SSI Directives
  • Managing Scripts
    • Overview of scripting options
    • The mod_perl Module
    • Configuring mod_perl
    • Installing PHP on Windows
    • Configuring PHP
  • Security
    • Common Security Issues with Apache
    • Dynamic Content Issues
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Access Control
    • Unix File Permissions
  • Modules
    • Overview of Apache Modules
    • Installing Modules