Apache Web Server Administration Training

Course #:WA1759

Apache Web Server Administration Training

Apache httpd Web Server Administration covers the details of installing and configuring the most popular Web server on the planet: Apache's httpd server. Students will learn the details of the httpd.conf configuration file, using .htaccess files, virtual hosts, MIME and file types, URL mapping, directory indexing, performance tuning, handlers, filters, server-side includes, managing scripts, security and Apache modules.

 This course is for Web Server administrators who need to be able to install, configure and run Apache httpd Web Server.
 Introduction to Unix or equivalent experience
Recent programming experience
 Two Days.

Outline of Apache Web Server Administration Training

1. Introduction to Apache

  • The Apache Software Foundation
  • Apache HTTP Server is an open-source project managed by the Apache
  • Software
  • Foundation (ASF).
  • The ASF supports many “projects”, including:
    • HTTP Web server (Apache)
    • Jakarta
    • Perl, PHP, XML, TCL, Ant, Logging
    • and many others…
  • Downloading Apache

2. Starting and Stopping Apache

  • Start/Stop the Server on Windows
  • The Apache Monitor
  • Install Apache as a Service
  • The apachectl Script

3. The Apache Configuration Files

  • The contents of the /conf directory
  • The httpd.conf file
  • Directives
  • Sections
  • The Include Directive
  • The Options Directive
  • The Installed Directories

4. The .htaccess File

  • Overview of .htacces files
  • Configuring .htaccess
  • The AllowOverride directive
  • Setting directory authentication
  • Allowing CGI scripts
  • Performance Issues

5. Virtual Hosts

  • Overview of Virtual Hosting
  • IP-Based Virtual Hosts
  • Name-based Virtual Hosts
  • Port-based Virtual Hosts
  • Bulk Virtual Hosting

6. MIME and File Types

  • Overview of MIME Types
  • Configuring MIME Types
  • Encoding Files
  • Character Sets
  • Languages

7. URL Mapping

  • Configuring Aliases
  • Configuring Redirects
  • The DocumentRoot Directive
  • Error Documents

8. Directory Indexing

  • The DirectoryIndex Directive
  • Fancy Indexing
  • Headers and Footers
  • Ignoring Files
  • Searching and Sorting

9. Performance Tuning

  • The ApacheBench Utility Program
  • Tweaking the Apache Configuration

10. Handlers and Filters

  • Overview of Handlers
  • The <Location> Section
  • Configuring Handlers
  • The server-status Handler
  • Overview of Filters
  • Configuring Filters

11. SSI

  • Overview of SSI
  • Configuring SSI
  • Using SSI Directives

12. Managing Scripts

  • Overview of scripting options
  • The mod_perl Module
  • Configuring mod_perl
  • Installing PHP on Windows
  • Configuring PHP

13. Security

  • Common Security Issues with Apache
  • Dynamic Content Issues
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Access Control
  • Unix File Permissions

14. Modules

  • Overview of Apache Modules
  • Installing Modules
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