Snowflake SnowPro Core Exam Prep Training

This Snowflake course guides attendees through preparation for the SnowPro Core exam and teaches them how to load and transform data and evaluate query constructs, DDL and DML Operations.
Course Details


4 days


Data Warehouse knowledge

Target Audience

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Architects
  • Database Administrators

Skills Gained

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of data warehousing concepts and principles, including its evolution, cloud-based solutions, and adaptation to modern data demands
  • Understand the technical architecture of data warehouses, including the cloud services layer, compute layer, and storage layer
  • Implement advanced data warehousing techniques, including optimization strategies, data security measures, tokenization, and best practices
  • Master data movement techniques, including data loading, data unloading, and best practices for efficient data transfer
  • Explore data-sharing mechanisms, including Snowpipe, objects and commands, and query constructs using DDL and DML
  • Prepares learners for the Snowflake SnoPro Core exam.
Course Outline
  • Data Warehousing Overview
    • Data warehousing evolution
    • Cloud data warehousing
    • Adapting to increasing demands for data access and analytics
    • Adjusting to how data is created and used today
  • Architecture and Overview
    • Technical Overview
    • Cloud Services Layer
    • Compute Layer
    • Storage Layer
  • Architecture Deep Dive
    • Optimization
    • Security
    • Tokenization
    • Best Practices
  • Data Movement
    • Data Loading
    • Data Unloading
    • Best Practices
    • Data Sharing
    • Snowpipe
  • Objects and Commands
    • Query Constructs
    • Data Description Language (DDL)
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
    • Local only resources
  • SQL Support for Data Analysis
    • SQL Support and Query Best Practices
    • SQL Analytic Functions
    • High Performing Estimation Functions
    • UDF and Stored Procedure
    • Demo Query Profile
  • Managing Security
    • Data Encryption
    • Authentication
    • Role-Based Access Control
  • Semi-structured data
    • Working with semi-structured data
    • Queries
    • Data Optimization
  • Caching
    • Caching Features
    • Performance Improvements
    • Cost Optimization
  • Clients and Ecosystem
    • Clients
    • Connectors
    • SnowSQL
  • Security
    • Continuous Data Protection
    • Time Travel
    • Fail Safe
    • Cloning
  • Performance and Concurrency
    • Query Profile
    • Micro-Partitions
    • Data Clustering
    • Scaling a Virtual Warehouse
  • Account and Resources Management and Monitoring
    • System Resource Usage and Billing
    • Managing Virtual Warehouses
    • Workload Independence and Segmentation
    • Resource Monitors
    • Information Schema and Account Usage