Introduction to OPA Training

This OPA training course gives attendees a deep understanding of both OPA and Rego so they can confidently implement and manage policies in various platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.
Course Details


3 days


  • Familiarity with programming concepts (e.g., variables, conditionals, loops)
  • Basic understanding of JSON and data modeling
  • Prior experience with policy enforcement and authorization is a plus but not required
  • Some experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform is beneficial but not required

Skills Gained

  • Install and configure OPA
  • Write and evaluate Rego policies
  • Use OPA to enforce authorization, validation, and other policies
  • Integrate OPA with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform
  • Deploy and manage Rego policies in production
  • Implement \"Policy as Code\" best practices
Course Outline
  • Introduction to OPA and Rego
    • Welcome and Overview
      • Introductions, Objectives of the training
      • Overview of the training agenda
      • Explain the importance of Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Rego in policy enforcement across various platforms
    • Understanding OPA & Policy Enforcement
      • Why policy enforcement is crucial in modern software development
      • Introduction to OPA as a policy engine
      • High-level architecture and components of OPA
      • Overview of OPA's role in policy enforcement
      • Hands-on Exercise: Installing OPA
    • Rego Basics
      • Overview of Rego as the policy language
      • Rego syntax & data structures
      • Scalars, composite values, variables, references, comprehensions
      • Rules, Negation, Any/All, Non-boolean
      • Writing and evaluating simple policies in Rego
      • Understanding Rego's role in OPA policies
      • Hands-on Exercise: Creating and testing policies
    • Getting Started with OPA
      • Installing OPA on various platforms.
      • Running OPA in different modes (standalone, as a service, etc.)
      • Interacting with the OPA REPL
      • Writing and testing policies in OPA
      • More Rego
      • Modules, bundles, Keywords, operators
      • Functions, metadata, schema
      • Tooling: VSCode, Playground
      • Hands-on Exercise: Using OPA from the command-line
    • Session 5: Data Modeling in Rego
      • Defining and working with data in Rego
      • Structuring data for policy evaluation
      • Writing complex policies to enforce authorization, validation, and more
      • Best practices for writing and organizing Rego policies
      • Hands-on Exercise: Data modeling
  • Advanced OPA Use Cases and Integrations
    • Advanced Rego Concepts
      • Comprehensions and iterations
      • Functions and built-in operators
      • Error handling and fallbacks
      • Demonstrations of complex Rego policy examples
      • Hands-on Exercise: advanced Rego concepts
    • Testing and Debugging Rego Policies
      • Writing unit tests for Rego policies
      • Debugging techniques using the Rego debugger
      • Profiling and optimizing policies for performance
      • Hands-on Exercise: Practical debugging exercises
    • Integrating OPA with Docker
      • How OPA can be used to enforce policies in Docker environments
      • Writing policies to secure Docker containers
      • Hands-on Exercise: Securing Docker images and containers with OPA
    • Integrating OPA with Kubernetes
      • Overview of OPA-GK integration with Kubernetes
      • KubeWarden
      • Policy enforcement in Kubernetes clusters
      • Writing and deploying admission control policies in a Kubernetes cluster
      • Hands-on Exercise: Securing Kubernetes deployments with OPA
    • Integrating OPA with Terraform
      • Introduction to OPA's integration with Terraform
      • Writing policies for infrastructure as code (IaC) using Terraform
      • Hands-on Exercise: Terraform policy enforcement
    • Policy as Code with Terraform
      • Integrating OPA with Terraform to enforce infrastructure policies
      • Writing and applying Terraform policies using Rego
      • Ensuring compliance and security in Terraform deployments
  • Real-World Applications and Best Practices
    • Policy Deployment and Management
      • Strategies for deploying Rego policies in production
      • Ecosystem tooling - conftest, WASM
      • Versioning and policy management best practices
      • Monitoring and auditing policy enforcement
      • Hands-on Exercise: Policy Management
      • Style Guide, Strict mode
    • Use Cases and Case Studies
      • Real-world use cases of OPA and Rego in various industries
      • Case studies on policy enforcement success stories
      • Discussion of common challenges and solutions
      • Hands-on Exercise: OPA Use Case
    • Policy as Code
      • Implementing \"Policy as Code\" best practices
      • Integrating OPA into CI/CD pipelines.
      • Automating policy checks in development and deployment
      • Hands-on Exercise: Automated Checks
    • Hands-On Workshop and Q&A
      • Hands-on Exercise: real-world scenarios using OPA and Rego
      • Open discussion and Q&A session
      • Recap and closing remarks
Upcoming Course Dates
USD $13,500
Online Virtual Class
Date: Aug 26 - 28, 2024
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM ET
USD $13,500
Online Virtual Class
Date: Sep 16 - 18, 2024
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM ET
USD $13,500
Online Virtual Class
Date: Oct 21 - 23, 2024
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM ET