Utilizing the Scrum framework in your organization will significantly improve your way of doing work. 

With the help of your instructor, you will learn: 

How to use the Scrum Framework to deliver products and services faster and with higher quality

How to leverage lean principles to identify waste in a system, process, or organization

Techniques and metrics Scrum Masters use to improve team happiness and performance

The patterns and practices of high-performing teams

How the Scrum Master role scales in an Agile implementation


This training is for all levels of Scrum experience. There are no prerequisites. 


Two days

Outline for Scrum@Scale Registered Scrum Master (RSM) Training

Chapter 1. The Scrum Framework

• Scrum Origins

• Why Scrum

• Agile Manifesto & Principles

• 5 Scrum Values

• Value Delivery process

Chapter 2. The Scrum Team

• Roles & Responsibilities 

• Team Size

Chapter 3. Developers

• Cross-Functionality

• Self-Management

Chapter 4. Scrum Master

• Role & Responsibility deep-dive

• Feedback loops

• Facilitation 

• Working with the Product Owner

Chapter 5. Product Owner

• Role & Responsibility deep-dive

• Communication of product vision

• Value delivery

• Working with Customers and Stakeholders

Chapter 6. Leadership/Management

• Roles & Responsibilities

• Servant Leadership

• Organizational Debit defined

Chapter 7. Scrum Cycle

• Sprint

• Product Backlog Refinement

• Estimation

• Sprint Planning

• Sprint Review

• Sprint Retrospective

• Daily Scrum

Chapter 8. Scrum Artifacts

• Product Backlog

• Sprint Backlog

• Working Software

Chapter 9. Patterns of High Performing Teams

• Yesterday’s Weather

• Happiness Metric

• Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster

• Stable Teams

• Swarming

• Interrupt Buffer

• Daily Clean Code

• Scrum Emergency Procedures

Chapter 10. Scrum@Scale

• Descaling

• Scaling roles