Understand the EA object model 

Document generation using custom RTF templates

Use Sparx Enterprise Architect in a version-controlled environment (Baseline only)

Auditing model changes 

Sharing reference data through import and export – addressing merge challenges

Report creation using virtual documents


Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect - Intermediate or equivalent experience 


Three days

Outline for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Advanced Training

Chapter 1. Overview of Scripting in EA using VBScript and Javascipt  and jScript

• An examination of the EA Object Model and the EA script types

• Debugging Requirements

• Integration using Excel

• JSON and web methods

Chapter 2. Model transformation 

Chapter 3. Customizing documents 

• Incorporating filters and other techniques to produce model reports

• Using search results to produce project documentation 

• Extending documentation beyond the basic package-based production

Chapter 4. Using XML Model Interchange to import and export models 

• Variations on XMI and other exchange methods

• Importing elements into the model using CSV files 

• Add new elements

• Replace existing elements

• Update/modify existing elements

• Model management – import and exporting elements from baselines

• Using Project Baselines 

Chapter 5. Creating and using patterns as resource data

Chapter 6. Customizing and Using Team Reviews for project communication 

Chapter 7. Creating and using a workflow script

• A guide to creating different types of models

Chapter 8. Advanced model search