Scaling Agile Training

Many companies say they have been doing Agile for many years and that they have been successful at implementing Agile, Scrum, and Kanban at the team level. But what happens when you have several teams that need to work together to achieve a large program or project?
Course Details


1 day

Target Audience

  • Leaders, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Stakeholders, Portfolio, Program and Product Managers

Skills Gained

  • Understand when scaling is appropriate
  • How to deal with distributed teams
  • Overcome the challenges of cross-team dependencies with an emphasis on prioritization at the enterprise level
  • Review the leading Agile Scaling Frameworks (Scrum@Scale, SaFE, LeSS)
Course Outline
  • What is Agile scaling
  • Types of Agile scaling
    • Product, Product, Horizonal, Vertical
    • Looking of signs that you may need to scale
    • Scaled Frameworks with an emphasis on Scum@ Scale
    • Scrum@Scale
    • SaFE
    • LeSS
    • Others…
  • What roles and event do I need to add to Scale
  • What can we learn from the Scaled Toolbox that we can apply to our non-scaled teams
  • 6 must haves when scaling and Agile team