Teams start with a predefined process of building and baking pizzas. They quickly identify better ways of self-management, reducing waste, increasing quality, and collaboration.  

This game is perfect for teams just starting agile, using Kanban boards, or teams looking for a fun virtual team building activity.

The game starts with the facilitator presenting the game and explaining the objectives and rules. The team immediately get started with their first round of play (10 min) followed by a retrospective (5 min). During the retrospective the teams refine their process, establish Work in Process Limits, establish explicit rules, and define definitions for quality. 

The game finishes with a global retrospective on “lessons learned”.



Scrum Lifecycle, Facilitation, Team Building, Establishing Work in Process Limits, Inspection and Adaption



Course is designed for 3-4 hours


Outline for The Pizza Game the Virtual Agile Game Training

Game Rules

Imagine you're a team of pizza chefs. 

Each pizza must be baked according to the following directions. Remember the customer has high quality standards!


Each round will last 10 minutes.


Each retrospective lasts 5 minutes.

The retrospective is the time for the team to reflect on their process it uses to bake the pizzas and to come up with ideas on how to improve the process and increase quality of the pizzas.

Pizza Instructions

Make a pizza base (crust), add tomato sauce (red circle), add three slices of ham (pink circles) and add three slices of pineapple (yellow quadrangle).

The tomato sauce should cover the pizza crust and the toppings should be distributed evenly across the pizza.

There can only be a maximum of 3 pizzas in the oven at one time. Cooking time is at least 30 seconds. No adding or removing of slices while baking!

Produce as many pizzas as the team can while trying to avoid waste i.e. raw materials prepared but not used.