Advanced Ansible Workshop Training

This advanced Ansible course takes you beyond the basics to master powerful automation techniques. You'll explore dynamic inventory management, delve into complex playbooks with conditionals, loops, and filters, and leverage plugins and custom modules for tailored automation. Additionally, the course dives into roles, reusable components that streamline complex configurations, and teaches you to leverage Ansible Tower for centralized control and workflow management.

Course Details


2 days


  • Master Advanced Playbook Techniques and use conditionals, loops, filters, and plugins to create dynamic and adaptable playbooks that handle complex scenarios.
  • Craft Reusable Automation with Roles by building and managing reusable roles, including component files, dependencies, and in-play strategies for efficient and scalable automation.
  • Leverage Ansible Tower for Centralized Control using workflow templates, manage organizations, utilize dynamic inventories, and implement fact caching for streamlined automation control with Ansible Tower.
  • Extend Functionality with Custom Modules with custom modules to automate tasks not covered by existing modules, expanding your automation capabilities.


Students should have taken Web Age's Managing Networking Automation with Ansible training or have equivalent experience.

Course Outline
  • Ansible Core
  • Dynamic inventory
  • Configuration parameters
  • Playbooks
    • conditionals
    • loops
    • status checking
    • filters
    • lookups
    • plugins (connection)
  • Writing custom modules
  • Roles
    • component files
    • including roles
    • importing roles
    • dependency specifications
  • In-play strategy, coverage of
    • effect of the serial directive
    • using debug mode
  • Ansible Tower
    • workflow templates
    • organizations
    • dynamic inventories
    • fact caching