Product Owner Essentials Training

The Agile for Product Owners Essentials class is a full-immersion course intended for product owners, requirements analysts and business SMEs to learn in a collaborative environment the nuts and bolts of creating, managing and refining an Agile backlog. After doing a deep dive into the Product Owner role and responsibilities, participants will engage in learning prioritization techniques, breaking down epics, writing good stories and acceptance criteria.
Course Details


2 days


No prior knowledge is presumed.

Skills Gained

  • Express the value of the Product Owner role and why it is critical to an Agile team
  • Describe the responsibilities of the Product Owner role
  • Leverage techniques for gathering proactive input from stakeholders outside of the Agile team
  • Develop a shared understanding of vision, goals, and objectives amongst Agile team members
  • Articulate the needs of users in the form of User Stories and Acceptance Criteria
  • Apply multiple approaches for elaborating details about User Stories
  • Distinguish between prioritization and ordering within the Product Backlog
  • Represent the team’s forecast and progress using information radiators that manage stakeholder expectations
  • Express continued opportunities for improvement, based on insights gained during class
Course Outline
  • Agile Overview: Agile Values, Principles & Practices + Forming Agile Teams
  • Business Readiness: Value Streams & Preparing for an Agile Initiative
  • The Product Owner Role: Characteristics & Responsibilities of Product Owners
  • Shared Understanding: Techniques for Ensuring Alignment of the Agile Team
  • Product Backlogs: Creating High-Quality User Stories
  • Acceptance Criteria: Conditions of Satisfaction, Other Backlog Item Types
  • Prioritization & Estimation: Determine Business Value, Relative Sizing, Release Plans.
  • Backlog Refinement: Definition of Ready, Story Review, BDD
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder Analysis, Importance of Cadence
  • Incremental Improvement: Sprint Planning, Review, Demo & Retrospective
  • Scope & Expectations Management: Release Plan Management, Information Radiators)
  • Course Recap & Wrap-Up: Agile Review, Pitfalls & Barriers, Next Steps Retrospective