The industry-recognized CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager certification is recognized and supported by several key technology vendors and standards bodies. It provides you a case study with related exercises such as multiple-choice questions and workbook activities. We made sure to include various high-quality reference materials that you can go back to throughout your career advancement.

Once the certification exam is passed, you are awarded a diploma and digital badge officially recognizing you have achieved the CCC Professional Service Manager certification and are now a member of the Cloud Credential Council’s global community.


The following departments benefit from CCC Professional Service Manager-certified professionals:


Human Resources



Research & Development



CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager jobs include:

Audit Managers

Auditors of Cloud Computing Services

Compliance Managers

Email System Administrators

Network Engineers / Administrators 

Risk Management Managers

Security Engineers / Analysts

Solution Architects

System Administrators / Architects 



The CCC Professional level certifications do not have required prerequisites. There are no prerequisites. Cloud Technology Associate certification (or equivalent) is recommended to be conversant in cloud concepts and vocabulary. Participants will also benefit from a strong IT service management background and/or ITIL certification.


Three days

Outline for Professional Cloud Service Manager Certification Training

Module 1: Course Introduction

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

OverviewCourse Learning Objectives

Course Agenda

Case Study



Module 2: Cloud Service Management Fundamentals

History of Cloud Computing

Basics of Cloud Service Management

Service Perspectives

Relationship with ITSM

Cloud Service and Support Models


Module 3: Cloud Service Management Roles

Cloud Management Roles

Service Management Roles

Organizational Roles 


Module 4: Cloud Service Strategy

Cloud Strategy Fundamentals

Key Drivers for Adoption

Risk Management Overview


Module 5: Cloud Service Design, Deployment, and Migration

Basics of Cloud Service Design

Dealing with Legacy Systems, Services, and Applications

Benchmarking of Cloud Services

Cloud Service Capacity Planning

Cloud Service Deployment and Migration

Cloud Marketplace


Module 6: Cloud Service Management

Cloud Service Management Perspective

Cloud Service Level Management and Service Assurance

DevOps in a Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing Environment

Managing Cloud Service Configurations

Change Management for Cloud Computing Environments

Reacting to Demand for Cloud Services


Module 7: Cloud Service Economics

Pricing Models for Cloud Services

Procurement of Cloud Based Services

Cloud Service Charging

Cloud Cost Models


Module 8: Cloud Service Governance

Basic Governance Definitions

Cloud Governance Framework

Cloud Governance Considerations


Module 9: Showing the Value of Cloud Services

Understanding the Value of Cloud Services

Linking the Value of Cloud Services to Strategy

Measuring the Value of Cloud Services


Module 10: Popular Service Management Frameworks

Best-Practice Frameworks

ISO Standards

Governance Frameworks

Cloud Standards


Module 11: Exam Preparation Guide