Professional Cloud Service Manager Certification Training

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Professional Cloud Service Manager™ certification enables learners to design, deliver and manage Cloud services. The certification provides a hands-on, practical approach to understanding how Cloud computing and Cloud-based services impact development and operations, and how to adapt existing processes to deliver better services.

Cloud computing has become one of the most important buzzwords in our fast-paced world. Its benefits have been recognized by a varied set of professionals and organizations, from reduced costs to collaboration efficiency and scalability. Microsoft, Google, and Adobe are only a few of the major companies using it to great effect.

Course Details


3 days


  • The CCC Professional level certifications does not have required prerequisites.
  • Cloud Technology Associate certification (or equivalent) is recommended to be conversant in cloud concepts and vocabulary.
  • Participants will also benefit from a strong IT service management background and/or ITIL certification

Target Audience

  • Administrative/Management
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
Course Outline
  • Introduction
    • Let’s Get to Know Each Other
    • OverviewCourse Learning Objectives
    • Course Agenda
    • Case Study
    • Activities
  • Cloud Service Management Fundamentals
    • History of Cloud Computing
    • Basics of Cloud Service Management
    • Service Perspectives
    • Relationship with ITSM
    • Cloud Service and Support Models
  • Cloud Service Management Roles
    • Cloud Management Roles
    • Service Management Roles
    • Organizational Roles 
  • Cloud Service Strategy
    • Cloud Strategy Fundamentals
    • Key Drivers for Adoption
    • Risk Management Overview
  • Cloud Service Design, Deployment, and Migration
    • Basics of Cloud Service Design
    • Dealing with Legacy Systems, Services, and Applications
    • Benchmarking of Cloud Services
    • Cloud Service Capacity Planning
    • Cloud Service Deployment and Migration
    • Cloud Marketplace
  • Cloud Service Management
    • Cloud Service Management Perspective
    • Cloud Service Level Management and Service Assurance
    • DevOps in a Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing Environment
    • Managing Cloud Service Configurations
    • Change Management for Cloud Computing Environments
    • Reacting to Demand for Cloud Services
  • Cloud Service Economics
    • Pricing Models for Cloud Services
    • Procurement of Cloud Based Services
    • Cloud Service Charging
    • Cloud Cost Models
  • Cloud Service Governance
    • Basic Governance Definitions
    • Cloud Governance Framework
    • Cloud Governance Considerations
  • Showing the Value of Cloud Services
    • Understanding the Value of Cloud Services
    • Linking the Value of Cloud Services to Strategy
    • Measuring the Value of Cloud Services
  • Popular Service Management Frameworks
    • Best-Practice Frameworks
    • ISO Standards
    • Governance Frameworks
    • Cloud Standards
  • Exam Preparation Guide