One day

Outline for Introduction to Jira Workshop

Part 1 - Introduction

What is Jira?
Who is Jira for?
Jira Overview
Jira Cloud vs Server
How Jira fits into Atlassian Products

Part 2 – Getting Started with Jira

Understand Projects, Issues and Boards
Understand Roles in Jira
Create your first Project in Jira

Part 3 – Entering Work in Jira using Issues

Understand Jira Issues as Work
Issue Types
- Epics
- Stories
- Bugs
- Tasks
Assigning Issues
Editing Issues
Filtering Issues
Saving Filters

Part 4 - Estimating in Jira

Story Points
Time Tracking
Capacity planning

Part 5 – Planning in Jira

Building your first Board
Kanban vs Scrum Boards
Understanding Versions
Understanding Epics
Organizing work on Backlogs
Creating Sprints
Planning work in Sprints

Part 6 – Tracking Progress in Jira

Standups with Jira
Issue Statuses
Task Statuses
Resolution Statuses
Agile Metrics and KPIs