Essentials of Design Thinking Training

This Design Thinking course teaches attendees to use human-centered, creative problem-solving and product design strategies. Attendees learn how to leverage the heart of Design Thinking: empathy, Define, Innovate, Prototype, and Test, and incorporate them successfully into their projects.

Course Details


2 days


No prior knowledge is presumed.

Skills Gained

  • Understand the design thinking process
  • Identify and assess opportunities through customer needs analysis
  • Create clear product specifications based on desirable customer needs (human), feasible (technology), and viable (business)
  • Generate and evaluate new product and service concepts through applied creativity
  • Learn iterative prototyping
  • Design services for enriched customer experiences
  • Evaluate the economics of product development
  • Plan and manage innovation projects effectively
Course Outline
  • Introduction
    • Understanding the Design Thinking Process
    • Product vs Projects
    • Overview of Design Thinking
    • The Empirical Process
    • Design Thinking, Lean, Startup, and Agile
  • Working as a Team: Radical Collaboration
    • Multidisciplinary teams
    • Familiarity working together
    • Leadership buy-in and support
  • Discovery: Empathy
    • Comprehension - “What Is”
    • In-depth Interviewing: Asking the right questions.
    • Personas and empathy maps
    • Setting up observational
  • Discovery: Define
    • Outcomes vs Outputs
    • Defining Problems
    • Understanding Value & Value Realization
  • Options: Ideate
    • The Brainstorming Process
    • More Ideation Techniques
    • Solutions Development
  • Options: Prototyping
    • “What Wows” (Generate and evaluate new product and service concepts through applied creativity)
    • Iterative prototyping
    • Basics of prototyping
  • Delivery: Testing/Evaluation
    • “What Works” (Evaluate the economics of product development)
    • Assumption Testing
    • Learning Launch
    • Feasibility (Business)
    • Viability (Technology)
  • Conclusion