Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Diagnostics and Performance Tuning Training

Course #:TP2632

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Diagnostics and Performance Tuning Training

This 4-day course is designed for WebLogic 12c Administrators and Operations staff that have a basic understanding of core WebLogic administration tasks. This class builds on the foundation of the Oracle WebLogic 12c System Administration class. Students should already know how to install WebLogic server and create a domain. Students need a basic understanding of service configuration (JDBC, JMS and JNDI) and application deployment. Students should also understand the key concepts of WebLogic clustering.

What you will Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Generate diagnostic images on demand and in response to system events.
  • Define watches and notification to handle diagnostic events.
  • Create server and application-scoped instrumentation.
  • Use dye injection for advanced diagnosis.
  • Understand memory usage and configuration in Java.
  • Choose suitable garbage collection strategies.
  • Control threading with work managers.
  • Tune JDBC and JMS services.


4 Days

Outline of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Diagnostics and Performance Tuning Training

1. Intro to WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF)

  • WLDF Architecture
  • Data Sources
  • Archiver and Accessor
  • Watches and Notifications
  • Dye Injection
  • Image Capture

2. Diagnostic Configuration

  • Server Configuration
  • System Modules
  • Application Configuration

3. Image Capture

  • Image Capture Methods
  • Examine an Image

4. The Harvester

  • What can be harvested
  • Harvester Configuration
  • Custom MBeans

5. Watches and Notifications

  • Rules
  • Alarms
  • Notification Handlers

6. Instrumentation

  • Server-Scoped Instrumentation
  • Application-Scoped Instrumentation
  • Joinpoints, Pointcuts and Diagnostic locations
  • Diagnostic Monitors

7. Dye Injection

  • Dye Injection Overview
  • Diagnostic Context
  • Configuration
  • Dye Masks

8. The Accessor

  • Online Access
  • Offline Access

9. Introduction to Performance Tuning

  • Throughput
  • Response Time
  • Methodology
  • Key WebLogic Performance Issues

10. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  • JVM Overview
  • JVM Evolution
  • HotSpot
  • JRockit

11. Memory

  • Heap
  • Stack
  • Perm Space
  • Native

12. Garbage Collection

  • Heap Generations
  • GC Candidates
  • Full vs Partial GC
  • Ergonomics
  • Dynamic GC
  • Leaks

13. Work Managers

  • Threading
  • Request Classes
  • Constraints
  • Assigning Work Managers to Components
  • Default Work Manager

14. JMS Tuning

  • Thresholds and Quotas
  • Paging
  • Production Throttling
  • Message Timeouts

15. JDBC Tuning

  • Datasource Configuration
  • Pool Sizes
  • Growth
  • Statement Cache

16. Cluster Tuning

  • Replication Strategy
  • Static Content
  • Load Balance
  • Communications
  • Local Access
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