This course introduces participants to the 6 levels of planning (Strategic, Portfolio, Roadmap, Release, Iteration, Daily). The first two levels of planning are covered in the Agile Portfolio Management course.

This course assumes you have basic Agile knowledge and experience and have attended foundation courses such as Real World Agile for Teams or similar courses.

Why This Course?

  • This course is designed with 60% interactive group workshops!
  • You will practice all the core planning activities end to end.
  • Learn real world techniques you can apply immediately, less theory and more practice!
  • For private courses, we use YOUR own company initiatives as our sample through all the exercises.
  • Get our unique Agile Planning Jump Start toolkit that includes: Levels of Agile Planning, Agile Planning Cheat Sheet, Business Value Points Cheat Sheet, Sizing, Epics Cheat Sheet, our famous Agile Team Workbook.
  • You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources and cheat sheets that will support you on your projects.

What You’ll Learn

  • Challenges with Traditional Planning and Estimation
  • What is Agile and Why?
  • Agile Estimating and Planning Principles
  • The 6 Levels of Planning
  • The Agile Lifecycle Diagram – What Happens When?
  • Writing Stories and Breaking Down EPICS
  • Agile Sizing Methods and When to Use What
  • Affinity Sizing
  • Planning Poker
  • Complexity Buckets
  • Ideal Days
  • Understanding Velocity and Capacity
  • Estimating Initial Velocity
  • Planning a Release
  • Planning for Fixed Date and Fixed Scope
  • Multi-team Program Release Planning
  • Tips for Structuring the Teams
  • Distributed Teams Release Planning
  • EPIC Sizing Buckets
  • Re-Estimation and Calibration
  • Agile Budgeting Tips
  • Agile Metrics – What Do We Measure?


Analysts, architects, business customers, developers, operations, product managers, project managers, team leaders, and testers.


2 days


Outline for Agile Estimating and Planning Training

Workshop 1 – Learning Objectives

Workshop 2 – Traditional Planning Challenges

Workshop 3 – How Long Will it Take?

Workshop 4 – Writing Good Stories

Workshop 5 – Affinity Estimation

Workshop 6 – Let’s Size Our Stories

Workshop 7 – Range Calculation

Workshop 8 – Velocity Estimation

Workshop 9 – Factors Influencing YOUR Team’s Velocity

Workshop 10 – Try Release Planning

Workshop 11 – Multi-Team Challenges

Workshop 12 – Biggest Bang for the Buck Ranking

Workshop 13 – Multi-Team Release Planning

Workshop 14 – Cost – Budget Estimation

Workshop 15 – Retrospective

Workshop 16– Your Course Action Items