Introduction to Scala Training

Scala is a powerful and expressive language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine, and that is fully interoperable with Java. It supports both object oriented and functional programming paradigms, and as such provides an excellent option for expanding existing Java projects into a more functional realm, allowing those projects to benefit from the paradigms flexibility, expressiveness, extensibility, and approach to thread safety, without having to rewrite the project from scratch. The Introduction to Scala course covers the key features of the Scala programming language that are needed to write real code, and to benefit from the functional features that the language offers. The class includes extensive practical work to give learners the best possible chance to truly grasp both the new syntax and--probably more importantly--the new design concepts.
Course Details


4 days


A good understanding of object-oriented programming using a language like Java.

Target Audience

Programmers experienced in another object-oriented programming language, such as Java, C++, C# and similar.
Course Outline
  • Background to Scala
  • Basic syntactic structure of Scala
  • Variables, types, and expressions
  • Many of something; arrays and lists
  • Groups of things; tuples, objects and classes
  • Advanced class concepts
  • Matching and case classes
  • Exceptions, Try, and Either
  • The for expression
  • Function literals
  • Implicits
  • Laziness and by-name arguments
  • Scala collections and using monads