Dimensional Data Modeling Training

This hands-on data modeling training course teaches attendees the fundamental concepts, techniques, and terminology needed to use dimensional modeling to create a data warehouse successfully. Participants are introduced to the multiple approaches and structures for building dimensional models, evaluating options, and identifying factors driving design decisions.

Course Details


1 day


None. This course is designed specifically to accommodate multiple levels of experience.

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Administrators

Skills Gained

  • Recognize the facts and dimensions required of a dimensional model
  • Identify the aggregation level most appropriate for a model
  • Plan for common data challenges
Course Outline
  • Introuction
    • What is a data warehouse (DW)?
    • What are its basic objectives?
  • Dimensional Data Modeling
    • Important dimensional modeling concepts
      • De-normalization
      • Facts
      • Dimensions
      • Attributes & Measures
      • Aggregation
    • Types of aggregated data
    • Benefits of dimensional data models
    • Limitations of dimensional data models
  • Using a Structured Approach to Building a Dimensional Data Model
    • Defining the business process driving the model
    • Determining the appropriate level of data aggregation
    • Specifying the dimension
    • Identify the facts
    • Construct the model
  • Special Considerations
    • Slowly changing dimensions
    • Update frequency/Latency
    • Modeling time and history
  • Conclusion