5 days.


Be a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, or demonstrate equivalent skills in Linux system administration and Ansible automation.

    Skills Gained

    • Provide key network services using software included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, including DNS with Unbound and BIND9, DHCP and DHCPv6, client e-mail transmission, printing service, NFS and SMB protocol file sharing, SQL database service with MariaDB, and web services using Apache HTTPD, nginx, Varnish, and HAProxy.
    • Configure advanced networking for server use cases, including device teaming.
    • Use Red Hat Ansible Engine to automate the manual deployment and configuration tasks covered in this course.

    Who Can Benefit?

    Linux system administrators, site reliability engineers, and other IT professionals with some Ansible experience who are interested in learning how to manage and automate the deployment, configuration, and operation of key network services included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

      Outline for Red Hat Services Management and Automation Training

      Course Outline

      • Manage network services
      • Configure link aggregation
      • Manage DNS and DNS servers
      • Manage DHCP and IP address assignment
      • Manage printers and printing files
      • Configure email transmission
      • Configure MariaDB SQL databases
      • Configure web servers
      • Optimize web server traffic
      • Provide file-based network storage
      • Access block-based network storage