Power BI Desktop Training

In this hands-on Power BI course, participants first learn the basics of Power BI, Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View and then move on to intermediate and advanced skills, including data modeling and sharing data visualizations.

Course Details


2 days


No prior knowledge is presumed.

Skills Gained

  • Define Power BI and its different components
  • Connect to data sources and transform data using Power Query
  • Create and format visualizations using Power View
  • Model data using Power Pivot
  • Publish and share reports in Power BI Service
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Power BI
    • Power BI Desktop
    • Power BI Service
    • Power BI Mobile Apps
    • Power BI Report Server
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop
    • What is Power BI?
    • What is Power BI Desktop?
    • Introduction to Power BI Desktop Application
  • Introduction to Power Query and the Data Button
    • Connecting to Data
    • Transforming the Data
    • Creating Simple Calculations using M Code
    • Loading the Data
    • Refreshing the Data
  • Introduction to Power Pivot using the Model Button
    • Creating Relationships
    • Modifying Relationships
  • Introduction to Power View using the Report Button
    • Creating Measures using DAX
    • Creating Visuals
  • Publishing and Sharing Your Reports
    • Publishing Reports to Power BI Service
    • Sharing Reports in Power BI Service
  • Using Power BI Desktop
    • Using Power BI Desktop Startup Screen
    • Setting Power BI Desktop Options
  • Using Power Query to Shape Data
    • Creating Duplicate and Reference Queries
    • Unpivoting Data
    • Appending & Merging Data
    • Combining Files from Folder
    • Grouping Data
    • Creating More Calculations using M Code
    • Using Advanced Editor
    • Using PBI Queries in Excel
  • Using Power Pivot to Model Data
    • Creating Relationships Manually
    • Using Cardinality, Cross Filter, and Referential Integrity Settings
  • Using Power View to Create Visualizations
    • Creating Advanced Measures using DAX
    • Using Q&A to create Visuals
    • Applying Filters to Visuals
    • Creating Bookmarks
    • Creating Multiple Pages
  • Using Power BI Service
    • Publishing to Power PI Service, Team Sites, PBI Report Server
    • Creating Dashboards