Introduction to Power BI Report Builder Training

Power BI Report Builder is the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s easy-to-use tool designed for IT professionals and power users who want to quickly build paginated reports leveraging the Power BI service. Paginated reports can display complex tables or matrices that can then be printed or exported to tools such as Excel for further analysis.
Course Details


3 days


  • A general knowledge of database concepts including tables and fields is required for this course.
  • Be comfortable working in Microsoft Office as well.
  • Prior Excel experience is helpful but not required.

Skills Gained

  • Understand and use data sources and datasets
  • Create and format reports
  • Add images and document maps to reports
  • Work with groups to summarize data
  • Use parameters to add flexibility to reports
  • Create complex reports featuring nesting and drill-through capabilities
  • Incorporate custom expressions into reports
Course Outline
  • Power BI Overview
    • What is Power BI?
    • What is Power BI Report Builder?
    • Power BI Desktop Reports vs Paginated Reports
    • Accessing a Paginated Report in the Power BI Service
  • Data Sources and Datasets
    • What is a Data Source?
    • Shared verses Embedded Data Sources
    • What is a Dataset?
    • Creating Datasets
  • Creating New Reports
    • Using the Report Wizards
    • Starting from the Blank Report Template
    • What is Tablix?
    • Creating a Tabular Report
    • Creating a List Report
    • What is a Matrix?
  • Formatting Reports
    • Working with Text Boxes
    • Rich Text Formatting
    • Managing Text Boxes
    • Drawing Lines and Boxes
    • Images
    • Page Headers and Footers
    • Adding a document map
    • Rendering Reports
  • Summarizing and Sorting
    • Creating Groups
    • Adding Totals and Aggregations
    • Parent/Child vs. Adjacent Groupings
    • Tablix Properties and Grouping Data
  • Add Flexibility with Parameters
    • Adding Parameters to a Report
    • Report Parameters vs. Query Parameters
    • Working with Cascading Parameters
    • Manage Report Parameter Properties
    • Use Parameters with SQL Queries and Stored Procedures
    • Sort Based on a Parameter Setting
    • Filtered Reports
  • Enhanced Report Items
    • Nesting Data Regions
    • Subreports and Drillthrough Reports
    • Working with Drillthrough Reports
  • Custom Expressions
    • Understanding Expressions
    • Defining Expressions
    • Working with Report Variables
    • Understanding Lookup, LookupSet, and Multilookup Functions
    • Expression Samples
  • Optional: Graphs, Charts, and more
    •  Charts
    • Gauges
    • Add a Map to a Report
    • Data Bar, Indicator, and Sparkline Report Items
    • Comparison with Power BI Desktop
  • Conclusion