Web API Development with ASP.NET Core 8 Training

This ASP.NET Core 8 training course teaches attendees how to design, build, and deploy high-performance, secure, and well-architected REST APIs that can be seamlessly consumed by a wide range of clients.
Course Details


4 days


  • Previous experience developing web-based applications with C#
  • Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Skills Gained

  • Master the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core 8.0, including its evolution, SDKs, runtimes, and application architecture concepts
  • Design and develop REST APIs, leveraging ASP.NET Core's routing system to implement a RESTful architecture
  • Implement data access and persistence layers, exploring various data access technologies such as Entity Framework Core and Dapper ORM
  • Employ unit testing and error handling techniques, ensuring the quality and reliability of APIs
  • Secure your APIs with authentication and authorization strategies with various authentication options
  • Enhancing the capabilities and performance of your APIs with advanced topics such as content negotiation, data validation, and remote procedure calls (gRPC)
  • Master deployment strategies for web APIs, deploying APIs using various methods, including dotnet publish, Kestrel, IIS, and Docker containers
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • .NET 6.0 SDK
  • Modern C# and What's New in C# 12.0
  • Immutability
  • ASP.NET Core Application Architecture
  • Application Configuration
  • Request Routing
  • Models
  • Controllers
  • Web APIs
  • Data Validation
  • Error Handling
  • Logging
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Web API Authentication
  • Remote Procedure Calls (gRPC)
  • Deployment
  • Conclusion