ASP.NET 8 Test-Driven Development Training

This ASP.NET 8 TDD training course teaches developers how to implement TDD (Test-Driven Development) principles and best practices across both ASP.NET and JavaScript/TypeScript code. Attendees learn how to write effective unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end (E2E) tests, ensuring that applications are thoroughly vetted and free from defects.
Course Details


4 days


  • C# and ASP.NET technologies
  • JavaScript or TypeScript

Skills Gained

  • Understand the fundamentals and best practices of Test-Driven Development
  • Apply TDD techniques in ASP.NET and JavaScript/TypeScript code
  • Differentiate between unit testing, integration testing, and E2E testing
  • Organize and structure unit tests
  • Identify the appropriate testing strategies for various application components
  • Leverage mocks, stubs, and fakes to isolate testing environments
  • Seamlessly integrate testing into local development tools and CICD pipelines
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Principles of TDD (inspired by “Uncle” Bob Martin)
  • Kinds of Testing
  • Testing Parts
  • Overview of .NET Core and Testing
  • xUnit
  • ASP.NET MVC Test-Driven Development (focus is on testing REST APIs)
  • ASP.NET Blazor Test-Driven Development
  • Mocking Databases (choose 1)
  • JavaScript Test-Driven Development
  • JavaScript Testing Frameworks Overview
  • JavaScript Test Runners Overview
  • JavaScript E2E Testing Overview
  • JavaScript TDD with BDD
  • JavaScript Unit Testing (will be covered with Jest or Jasmine)
  • JavaScript E2E Testing (will be covered with Selenium)
  • Testing JavaScript Code Frameworks
  • Code Coverage
  • Conclusion