GPT Unleashed: Revolutionizing Business with Prompt Engineering Training

This Prompt Engineering for Business course is designed for non-technical users and dives deep into Prompt Engineering fundamentals. Attendees learn to create custom prompts for diverse business needs, explore popular frameworks and tools, and refine prompts through feedback and advanced techniques. 

Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, you'll gain the skills to develop custom prompts and integrate them seamlessly into your organization.

Course Details


3 days


  • 1 year IT experience
  • Interest in AI-Driven solutions, chatbots, and prompts

Skills Gained

  • Understand Prompt Engineering and its business applications
  • Master popular frameworks for text generation and custom prompt creation
  • Develop and refine custom prompts for real-world business needs
  • Explore advanced techniques and best practices for scaling Prompt Engineering
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering
    • Introduction to Prompt Engineering and its importance for business professionals
    • Overview of natural language processing and machine learning, without delving too deep into technical details
    • Explanation of what a Prompt is and how it can be used in business settings
    • Overview of popular Prompt Engineering frameworks and tools, without discussing how they are set up or deployed
    • Live demonstration of a Prompt Engineering framework generating text, followed by an explanation of how it works and its potential applications
    • Hands-on session on generating text using a simple Prompt Engineering framework
  • Developing Custom Prompts
    • Identifying the specific needs and goals of your business and how Prompt Engineering can help achieve them
    • Understanding the different types of use cases and how they affect prompt development
    • Developing custom prompts for business needs using popular Prompt Engineering frameworks such as Hugging Face Transformers and AllenNLP, with an emphasis on using pre-trained models rather than training new models from scratch
    • Explanation of how prompts can be refined and improved through feedback from users
    • Hands-on session on developing a custom prompt for a chatbot or text generation use case
  • Advanced Prompt Engineering Concepts
    • Exploring advanced concepts in Prompt Engineering such as model combination and transfer learning
    • Overview of different types of evaluation metrics used in the field, with an emphasis on practical applications
    • Understanding how to refine prompts through feedback loops
    • Review of key success factors for scaling Prompt Engineering within your organization
    • Hands-on session on refining a custom prompt using feedback loops and advanced techniques
    • Wrap-up and discussion of next steps for integrating Prompt Engineering into your business processes