1 days.


  • Programming in Python
  • Leveraging APIs in applications
  • Basic familiarity with Google Cloud and Vertex AI as covered in the "Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals" course

Skills Gained

  • Understand Vertex AI generative AI options for your applications
  • Explore Gen AI Studio to interact with foundation models
  • Design and tune prompts for your Generative AI use cases
  • Implement the PaLM API into your applications using the Python SDK
  • Fine-tune foundation model weights to improve model output quality

Who Can Benefit?

Application developers leverage Generative AI in their applications and machine learning practitioners supporting the development of GenAI-powered applications.

    Outline for Text Generation for Applications using Gen AI Studio Training

    Course Outline

    Module 1: Generative AI on Vertex AI

    • Vertex AI on Google Cloud
    • Generative AI Options on Google Cloud
    • Introduction to the Course Use Case (Text Generation)

    Module 2: Gen AI Studio

    • Introduction to GenAI Studio
    • Available models and use cases
    • Designing and testing prompts in the Cloud Console
    • Data governance in GenAI Studio
    • Lab: Getting started with Vertex AI Gen AI Studio's User Interface

    Module 3: Prompt Design

    • Why is prompt design so important?
    • Zero-shot vs. few-shot prompting
    • Providing additional context and instruction-tuning
    • Best practices
    • Lab: Question Answering with Generative Models on Vertex AI

    Module 4: Implementing the PaLM API

    • Lab: Getting Started with the Vertex AI PaLM API & Python SDK
    • Introduction to the PaLM API
    • Utilising generative models using the Python SDK
    • Understanding model parameters for text generation
    • Lab: Use the PaLM API to integrate GenAI into Applications

    Module 5: Fine-tuning Models

    • Scenarios to use model tuning
    • Workflow for model tuning
    • Preparing your model tuning dataset
    • Create a model tuning job
    • Loading a tuned model
    • Demo: Fine-tuning models for your specific use case
    05/30/2024 - 05/30/2024
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time
    Online Virtual Class
    USD $900.00