3 days.


  • Familiarity with Linux command and command line interface
  • Basic understanding of Google Cloud
  • Basic understanding of GKE
  • Basic understanding of networking
  • Basic understanding of shell script, XML, JSON, HTTP, REST, and TLS.

Skills Gained

  • Identify the purpose and value of Apigee API Platform.
  • Describe basic concepts and capabilities of Google Cloud, Kubernetes, REST and Anthos.
  • Discuss Apigee API Platform architecture and recommended practices for topology design.
  • Explain Apigee terminology and logical organizational structures.
  • Install Apigee hybrid on Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Discuss infrastructure security, user access management, data storage and encryption practices used in Apigee hybrid.
  • Manage environments in Apigee hybrid.
  • Discuss capacity planning and scale runtime components in the hybrid runtime plane.
  • Describe the upgrade and rollback process used for the Apigee hybrid installation.
  • Troubleshoot and monitor the hybrid runtime plane components using logs, metrics, and analytics.

Who Can Benefit?

Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer

    Outline for Managing Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform for Hybrid Cloud Training

    Course Outline

    • Module 01 Fundamentals
    • Module 02 Architecture
    • Module 03 Installation and Platform Operation
    • Module 04 Deployment and Environment Management
    • Module 05 Security
    • Module 06 Capacity Planning and Scaling
    • Module 07 Upgrade
    • Module 08 Logging and Monitoring
    06/24/2024 - 06/26/2024
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time
    Online Virtual Class
    USD $2,700.00